How to Remove Mbr: whistler [Rtk] - MBR:Whistler [Rtk] Removal

Your computer has infected with Mbr: whistler [Rtk]? Don’t know how to uninstall it from your system? Read more here.

Devious Mbr: whistler [Rtk]

Mbr: whistler [Rtk] is a very aggressive Trojan that has been found to attack many computer users. This infection can sneak into target computer with many means.

1. It is packaged with free programs downloaded from the Internet
2. It can be attached with attachments and read junk email messages.
3. When you are browse some adult or malicious domains.
4. When you click on sponsored links or ads and redirect to dubious sites

This Trojan can get inside the target computer with many payloads, so you have to be more careful when surfing the internet if you want to keep away from same infection.

Mbr: whistler [Rtk] can perform a lot of harmful activities on your PC after installing. It can try to delete some important host files, and create some other new files onto the system. So you may find a lot of unknown files, .exe, .dll process on your task manager. In addition, this Trojan virus also may block some certain programs. Like blocking firewall and antivirus programs, so you may get some error messages.

Mbr: whistler [Rtk] changes computer settings secretly to allow it to hide in registry entries which would make it more difficult to be removed. After changing the settings of the system, you may get many issues like unwanted redirects to malware sites, getting a bunch of pop-up ads or links when open the default web browsers. Like other Trojan virus, it will build a bridge to outside threats, so your computer may be ready to get infected with more threats like RocketTab, AdChoices, Desktop.ini virus or others. Moreover, Mbr: whistler [Rtk] will open a backdoor for the remote hackers, stealing your valuable data and sensitive information and so on. So you have to remove this Trojan from your PC in a hurry up. For more removal details, please follow the steps in the removal guide below.

Firstly: please reboot your computer into safe mode with networking.

Windows 8 computer users:

Press the Power button at the Windows login screen or in the Settings charm. Then, press and hold the” Shift” key on your keyboard and click Restart.
Click on Troubleshoot and choose Advanced Options. Then click on Startup Settings and select Restart. Your PC will restart and display nine startup settings. Now you can select Enable Safe Mode with Networking.

Windows 7/XP/Vista computer users

To do this, turn your computer off and then back on and immediately when you see anything on the screen, start tapping the F8 key on your keyboard. Eventually you will be brought to a menu similar to the one below:

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter on your keyboard.

Secondly: Show Hidden Files

1). Click on Start button and then on Control Panel
2). Click on Appearance and Personalization
3). Click on Folder Options
4). Click on the View tab in the Folder Options window
5). Choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives under the Hidden files and folders category
6). Click OK at the bottom of the Folder Options window

*For Win 8 Users:

Press Win+E together to open Computer window, click View and then click Options

Click View tab in the Folder Options window, choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives under the Hidden files and folders category

Thirdly: Remove from Control Panel

Windows 8
Move mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen. Click Settings on Charms bar and go to Control Panel. Select Uninstall a program and remove related programs.

Windows XP
Go to Start, navigate to Settings and click on Control Panel, navigate to Add or Remove Programs, choose Programs and Features, find related programs, and hit Remove.

Windows 7/Vista

Go to Start, navigate to Control Panel, select Uninstall a program/Programs and Features, find related programs, and click on Uninstall.

Fourthly: Download Spyware Removal Tool to Remove Mbr: whistler [Rtk]

1: Download SpyHunter’s Spyware Scanner Here!


2: Using the installation prompts shown on Windows to install SpyHunter step by step.

3: Clicking on Malware Scan or Scan Now button to start a full scan on your PC.

4: Clear up all items on the scan result.

Fifthly: Restart your computer back to normal mode to make a quick check.

Notice: Mbr: whistler [Rtk] is a very tricky infection that you have to remove it when you find it on your computer, for it can trigger a bunch of unwanted problems on the affected computers. Mbr: whistler [Rtk] may be a tool by cyber criminals who want to scan the important information, and bring other threats onto the system. Download famous removal tool to detect and remove it quickly from your PC.

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