How to Remove Trojan.Zeleffo – Zeleffo Trojan Removal Guide

What Is Trojan.Zeleffo?

Trojan.Zeleffo is a Trojan-type infection which brings great harm to your computer. Suffering this Trojan just needs several seconds; once you click bad websites, install freeware downloads, open spam email attachments or others, it sends a malicious program in your computer. This program varies in order to fulfill any demands of hackers who can let any computer codes carry out in Windows system. Thus, the registry entries and files are changed. It is certain that the infected computers are stuck in various wired situation.

Note: The PCs which are infected the Trojan.Zeleffo have %WINDIR%\ServTestDos.dll files according to the test. 


Remove Search.certified-toolbar.com – Useful Certified Toolbar Removal Instruction

What is search.certified-toolbar.com ?

Search.certified-toolbar.com has set many users’ default homepage without their consent. It appends some shortcuts which are about fake alert. It pretty looks like that the computer has been infected a virus. Here is the picture of search.certified-toolbar.com:

Actually, it is a browser hijacker which disturbs your browser in order to increase advertisement revenue. It modifies your registry entries and browser append so that your start page and default search engine would be changed. Also, it adds Certified toolbar in the top of your web page. This


How to Effective Eliminate Browser Redirects to Search.yourmediatabsearch.com?

If you notice your web browser is redirected to search.yourmediatabsearch.com, and you never know that when and how this stuff gets into your system, then you are actually under the attack of a kind of malware threat called browser hijacker. Search. yourmediatabsearch.com is the one you should deal with. This post is going to analyze this hijacker and provide you with most effective search.yourmediatabsearch.com removal guide. Check it out below.

What is Search.yourmediatabsearch.com?


Effective Search.topsecuritytabsearch.com Redirect Removal instructions

Looking for the easiest way to remove Search.topsecuritytabsearch.com? You properly have had your own antispyware/antimalware program installed on your computer, but is it effective on detecting and removing Search.topsecuritytabsearch.com? Do you really receive no pop-up ads from this malicious and annoying website that used to control your web browsers and redirect your search pages? Anyhow, a complete removal of Search.topsecuritytabsearch.com should be guaranteed in considering computer security. The best antimalware programs we recommend are SpyHunter and MalwareBytes, both of which share a great number of computer users who have given these two security tools very good recognition.


How to Remove Popads.net Ads? –Effective and Efficient Removal

I need help! This morning when I open my Google Chrome, a website called Popads.net pops up. I tried to remove it via the Control Panel – Uninstall Programs section, but I could not find it. How can I get rid of Popads.net ads. I don’t want it. I think my PC may get infected somehow. Any help would be appreciated!

More Information about Popads.net Ads

If your web browser is randomly being redirected to the http://popads.net advertisements then it is possible that your computer is infected with an adware program.

Popads.net is a new adware program recently detected by antimalware like MalwareBytes, SpyHunter and others. Same as many adware we had analyzed before (Ever Save, Bestprizeland.7112569.com pop-up ads), this adware features redirect behaviors and has brought a lot of trouble to victim users. Hence, computer users who have popads.net ads should remove it immediately in considering computer security.


Removal Guide for Software 'vistadrive.exe' on Windows (Win7,Win8,Win 10,XP, Vista)

Complaint from a victim:

It all started when my mouse was double clicking everything,..opening folders,tabs,websites,...etc. By sheer luck I had opened the Task Manager and was looking at the Processes Tab and noticed that there was a file called,"VistaDrive.exe" So I said to myself, wtf is that doing there? Thinking it was a trojan or something,so I stopped the process! Then I typed msconfig in RUN and found VistaDrive.exe in Startup tab,and I disabled that! Then when I went into my computer to hard drive C: to get to windows and delete a folder called VistaDrive,...then when I came out of there,to get back to My Computer,...I had lost my C: hard drive icon...it was just an image-like looking file. So back to google search,and came up with this:

Common vistadrive.exe Error Messages


How to Eliminate Browser Redirects to Searchz.online? Effective Removal Guide

What is searchz.online? Why is your browser redirected to searchz.online? Is it a dangerous domain? How to remove searchz.online? What is the good method to get rid of this annoying website? Learn more below and you will get a professional analysis and removal instruction toward this unwanted stuff.

More Information of searchz.online


Removal Guide for SearchScopes Virus-Quickly Remove Ads from Adware

I am trying to remove Searchscopes from my pc. Everytime i click quarantine in MBAM it restarts my computer before i can "delete all". I have found it in my registry but cannot modify or delete in safe mode. I ran Adwcleaner and it found 55 threats I attempted to remove in safe mode and I thought i had it deleted but when i ran MBAM it reinstalled before i could click "delete all" once again. It is hiding in the internet explorer registry but i cannot modify or delete it.

---------A help letter from a victim

Overview of SearchScopes

Threat type: Adware 
Affected computer system: Win32 (Windows XP, Vista/7, 8/8.1, Windows 10)
Affected browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and so on


How to Remove Trojan: Win32/Kovter-Antivirus-Effective Removal Guide

Hi! A few days ago, after updating FireFox, I saw a file in my downloads labeled "firefox-patch.exe". Not suspecting anything malicious, I ran the program. It appeared to do nothing, however later I started getting lots of Windows Defender notifications about detected malware. I took a look at the Event Viewer logs, and in Windows Defender, it says that it failed to remove the virus. 215 times. I clicked on one of the detections, and it said the virus was a "Trojan: Win32/Kovter". It labeled it with the severity "Severe", and identified the file path as C:\Users\ . . . \Downloads\firefox-patch.exe. At this point I realized that I had made a detrimental mistake. I looked online for solutions, and many of them said to backup files and restore. Is there a way to remove this virus and the associated infected files without doing a backup and restore? Also I cannot do many things to the file, including compression. D: Please help.

------------------------------A help letter from a victim


How to Remove Ever Save Easily and Completely?

Ever Save is a newly detected adware program that has typical features of displaying numerous advertisements on the affected system. The appearing of Ever Save is intrusive, and its performance is also aggressive, so computer users who encounter this problem choose to remove it immediately. If you are one of the victims who have trouble with this adware, please continue to read this article for professional analysis and effective Ever Save removal guide. You will be able to get rid of the unwanted stuff easily and completely.

More Information about Ever Save

Ever Save should be known as a potentially unwanted program . As long as you have it inside, you could easily find out that your screen is full of the ads from this adware. Unlike browser hijacker( Search.switch2search.com, Aadserver.com/active) we had always  encounter before, adware bring more troubles to PC users.


Effectively Remove Search.switch2search.com-Browser Hijacker Removal

I need help! This morning when I open my Google Chrome, a website called Search.switch2search.com pops up. No matter what browsers(IE, Firefox, Google)I am using, it always links me to Search.switch2search.com. How can I get rid of this Search.switch2search.com stuff. I don’t want it. I think my PC may get infected somehow. Any help would be appreciated!”

Search.switch2search.com performs exactly like what a browser hijacker does!

1) It will set Search.switch2search.com as the homepage and search engine for any installed browsers, surely without your authorization. As soon as it gets onto your PC, it will compromise your browsers like Google, Firefox, IE, and Yahoo and so on.


Remove Aadserver.com/active Quickly - Effective Removal

Well, if you are one of the victims of Aadserver.com/active issue, you may properly feel it familiar but annoyed. This is really a trouble that not only can mess up your web browsers but do a succession of malicious activities on your surfing tools (Google, IE, Firefox).Hence, it is important to make timely and effective Aadserver.com/active removal. Let’s check below to remove it completely and easily.

Browser hijacker like aadserver.com/active, or other previously browser hijacker such as Home.getpokedex.com and Search.Myrecipesxp.Com, etc., most kind of virus intrude into PC through gambling websites, spam emails, torrents and some unverified free applications.

Effective Home.getpokedex.com Removal- Safely Remove from IE, Google, Firefox

Overview of Home.getpokedex.com

The hijacker modifies your settings after it successfully enters your PC without your knowledge. It replaces your home page, new tab, and default search with Home.getpokedex.com. These modifications are made automatically after you have installed the PokeDex Search browser extension. Same as Search.Myrecipesxp.Com Redirect and Search.ontakehope.com, Home.getpokedex.com can enter your system along with other malware threats that can weaken your virtual security.

Home.getpokedex.com will continuously display a flood of fake or commercial ads for more clicking profit. Clicking on these adverts may result in serious trouble like malware infections, data corruption, money losses, and so on.


Useful Search.Myrecipesxp.Com Redirect Removal -How to Get Rid Of from IE,Google,Firefox

Computer is infected with Search.Myrecipesxp.Com Redirect? Your browser been messed up with this annoying browser hijacker? Cannot remove Search.Myrecipesxp.Com Redirect? Do you want to find an effective method to get rid of this virus from your PC completely? This post is committed to know more about Search.Myrecipesxp.Com Redirect and how to get rid of its infection completely.

Search.myrecipesxp.com Browser Hijacker


How to Remove Search.ontakehope.com from Google Chrome, Firefox, IE Effectively

I need help! This morning when I open my Google Chrome, a website called Search.ontakehope.com pops up. I tried to remove it via the Control Panel – Uninstall Programs section, but I could not find it. How can I get rid of this Search.ontakehope.com?


The following will show you why Search.ontakehope.com should be avoided and removed once they are found.