Search.iqasearch.com Hijacker Removal Guide - Rescue Your Hijacked Browsers

Search.iqasearch.com Introduction

Search.iqasearch.com page has been set as many users' default homepages without their permission. It has some shortcuts that link to common sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It sounds quite convenient and handy but users will find some negative traits of it soon and want to get rid of it.


Eliminate SavinggttoyoUU Ads on Your Browser Step by Step

About SavinggttoyoUU

SavinggttoyoUU ads can be seen on different browsers including Chrome, Firefox and IE. These ads are supported by the same-name adware in your computer. Users may wonder how did such an adware come to them since they never try to install a programs like that ever. The truth is, adware like SavinggttoyoUU usually sneak into your computers bundled with third party freeware. When you install a freeware or shareware in the express mode, you may not notice the optional steps during the installing processed. Thus, SavinggttoyoUU can be added as an addition and begin to bother you as soon as it arrived.


See Through "Win An iPhone" Scam on A.karmakitty.info - Eliminate Fake Reward Pop-up

Victim report:

"Today when I was trying to open my IE a page came instead of my Google homepage. It said that I ways the lucky visitor to win an iPhone 6 and require my details. I thought it dubious so I shut the page. While next time the same pop-up come again. What should I do?"

Redirected by Alnaddy.com Domain Pages Frequently? Take Actions to Get Rid of the Hijacker

What is Alnaddy.com

Alnaddy.com is search page with a messy design that if you visit it, you will also receive some other pop-up spams from it. Obviously this page is not suitable for the English speaking users, but some users have to suffer this page since their default start pages are replaced with it without permission.

Distinguish Fake "Adobe Flash Player Update" Pop-up on Your Firefox, Chrome and IE

What is Fake Flash Player Update

From an IE user:
"Yesterday when I tried to browse a news page, a pop-up came and said that my flash player us out of date. I clicked to install it and went on browsing. However today when I open my IE, the same pop-up came again, and I found that my browser works sluggishly."

Careful users can notice that such a reminder is delivered from the browsers, and it will be useless if you click on the X button on the popup. Whether you click the "Later" or the "Download" icon, you will receive a dubious file. By installing the file you will not get any helpful flash player update. On the contrary, malware or at least unwanted program will be taken to your computer.
It is a malicious ad which leads users to download its programs. The programs from it are detected to be quite harmful, if you download and install what it offers, they can reduce your computers' performance badly.
Your browser may get infected with it by visiting malicious sites, or it can be hidden in freeware installations and installed by users mistakenly. The pop-up will come again and again if you don't remove the supporting adware. Read this blog to stop it.

Take a look at the real flash player update reminder:


Coupon Ahoy Removal Guide - How to Wipe Out Unwanted Ads Easily

About Coupon Ahoy

Coupon Ahoy is a computer security threat. This adware can be promoted in a questionable way named bundling. When users download and install some dubious programs from the software centers, such an adware will be probably added to your computer automatically without your knowledge and permission.


Yougoo.fr Hijacker Removal Help - Efficient Removal Guide to Get Rid of Unwanted Toolbar

Know about Yougoo.fr

Yougoo.fr page is associated with a browser hijacker. This page usually comes to replace users' default homepage and search engine, it is spread in French speaking users. However the problem is, the search results by Yougoo.fr are not efficient enough, and it can forbid forbid users to use their preferred pages like Google. This page is reported to be bundled with some dubious programs like NetworkTools and YougooToolbar, and they will automatically add the page to your browsers during the installing processes. It means that some users may got this homepage inadvertently and need a helpful method to get rid of it.


Miss Sunshine Removal Tips - Guide to Stop Annoying Ads From Your Browsers

Miss Sunshine Introduction

Miss Sunshine is an adware that should be responsible for the annoying pop-ups ads on your browsers. This programs claims to be a helpful program that offers discount and coupon deals for shopping on the internet, however it is not goods as it advertises.
Generally this adware is spread in a questionable way name bundling. It means that the program can probably come to your computer as an addition of third party programs. Users may have no idea about how and when did the adware come, but they will surely notice some symptoms about it:
  • Numerous ads of pop-up, banners and boxes keep coming.
  • Unwanted add-ons, toolbars and bookmarks are added.
  • Browsers becomes sluggish, freeze and crash happen frequently.
  • Browsing get redirected to unwanted sites.


XRTN Ransomware Removal Instruction Step by Step

What is XRTN Ransomware?

XRTN Ransomware is a computer threat, which is quite annoying and harmful. Its main mission is to lock users' important files and get them to pay a fee for restoring. The encrypted files will be added an extension .xrtn and users can't open or use them no matter how they try. Then the ransomware will send users a message like this:

All important files and information on this computer (documents,database,etc) will be decrypted using a RSA cryptographic algorithm

Without special software decoding a single file with the help of the most powerful computers will take about a 20 years.

Contact an expert on email:

Obviously this is an extremely malicious threat. It is needed to point out that you should NEVER do as it says to pay the ransom, there is not guarantee that your files will be back. Any trying to pay online can be risky because your banking information can also be stolen and lead to further loss. The only right thing to do is to remove the ransomware immediately.

Get Rid of Constant Fun Ads Step by Step

What is Constant Fun

Constant Fun is a nasty adware which has seen on many computers, and it is responsible for the ads on your browsers. Users may get this adware from its official download page, but generally Constant Fun is spread via third party programs bundling. Which means, it can be added to your computer as an addition, especially when you pay less attention to skip all the default optional settings during the installing process. The adware probably came secretly without your notice, but you will finally know about its existence since several problems will be found on the infected browsers.


GamesShift Ads Removal Instruction - Guide to Get Rid of Unwanted Adware

What is GamesShift?

GamesShift falls into the category of adware, it can be really annoying and potentially harmful. With Ads By GamesShift on the computer, you may encounter many abnormal computer problems:
  1. Ads in form of pop-up ads, banners  and commercial notifications come on the infected browsers.
  2. The ads contains your interested information, but most of them are linked to risky sites. 
  3. Unwanted extensions and toolbars can be added secretly without your knowledge.
  4. Due to the spams and additions, the browser performance become poor.


Newsoftther.com Pop-up Removal Guide - Eliminate Fake Video Player Recommendation

Know about "Please Install Video Player" pop-up

This page looks quite normal, but you need to notice some suspicious parts:
  1. Its introduction about the player is ambiguous.
  2. It is from pages of dubious domain like Newsoftther.com.
  3. It is stubborn that keeps coming on the browsers frequently.
  4. The file from it named Setup.exe can be detected by protecting programs as harmful one.
You need to be watchful about this pop-up because it is a malicious ad that will lead to unwanted programs installed.


Best Guide to Remove InstallFaster Ads from Your Browsers

What is InstallFaster

InstallFaster advertises itself as a download manager on the download page. Besides the download page, users probably get it via third party adware bundling. In either way you got this program, InstallFaster will only bring you numerous ads instead of fast downloading experience.

PriceFountain Ads Removal Instruction - Guide to Get Rid of Annoying Adware

What is PriceFountain

PriceFountain, a browser extension, is considered as an adware which displays endless ads within the websites you are visiting. Users can be misled to visit unwanted advertisements, websites or download potentially harmful software. Usually, PriceFountain comes into your PC bundled with freeware installation especially those free applications from unsafe sources, so even if you never visited the download page of PriceFountain, it can still appear on your browsers.


Best Ways to Get Rid of Royal Raid from Your Computer

Introduction to Royal Raid

Seeing Ads by Royal Raid frequently means that your computer is infected with Royal Raid, an adware which brings annoying computer problems besides unwanted commercial promoting. You can check if these symptoms were seen on your PC:
  • Non-stop ads keep coming in the form of pop-ups, banners and floating boxes.
  • These ads main contain your concerned information, but they are linked to irrelevant sites.
  • Some unknown browser add-ons, extensions, toolbars, and plugins are installed on your PC without any notifications.
  • The default homepage and search provider of your browsers can be modified without asking for permission.
  • As time goes by, you will find that your PC runs slower and slower as a snail.


Remove Spurious "Blue Screen Error 0X000000CE" Pop-up

Know about zgvzy3jpchrpb24.website

zgvzy3jpchrpb24.website is designed to be like a BSOD message, for the blue background and the complicated error codes like "BSOD : Error 333 Registry Failure". Users can be scared to believe there are horrible problems in their computer, then call the number 1-844-854-6801 given on the page. However you should not be fooled. This page is offering fake information about your computer's security condition, it is just an ad that try to take users in.

The only thing you need to worry about is just the adware infection, which leads to the stubborn pop-ups on your Chrome, Firefox and IE. The adware send such a fake message to promote related programs and services, because the victims will be demanded to charge for them. If you do as the message says, you may suffer financial loss. The related adware can be brought to your computer together with third party freeware. They modify your browsers' settings so that the pop-up ads keep coming as soon as you run your browsers. Viruses like Trojan horses are also responsible for the annoying ad. 


Remove Messy Search Engine Tohotweb.com From Your Browsers - Eliminate Browser Hijacker Easily

Did you get Tohotweb.com as your homepage?
Are you bored with the inconvenient search engine?
How to get rid of this messy page?

What is Tohotweb.com exactly?

Tohotweb.com is obvious not a suitable page to be used as the start page on your browsers. Beside the banner ads on it, the shortcuts and links to suspicious sites make this page not reliable. Although its search engine redirect you to Google's search results, it doesn't mean the page is as convenient as Google search. It is difficult to avoid clicking to those annoying shortcuts and getting redirected to unwanted sites, since those spams cover most of the page.


Remove "Call 1-866-743-9983" Pop-up - Fake Alert of Error Code 0x8024402c

See through Call 1-866-743-9983 scam

You can see some suspectable details on this pop-up:
  • It comes on your browsers suddenly.
  • It can be supplied by a page of system-warning-message.com domain.
  • It describes the problems with messy error codes like 0x8024402c or 0x8004020
  • It has prompt tone to remind users to call a help line 1-888-743-9983
If this pop-up comes on your browsers frequently, there is no doubt that you should take care of your computer, not because of the so-called windows security essential, but for the malicious threats which provide such a fake alert.


Remove Preispilot Ads Completely on Your Browsers - Adware Removal Guide

What is Preispilot?

If you notice non-stop ads with labels like powered by Preispilot while you are online shopping, then your computer may be infected with the same-name plugin Preispilot. It is a free program which claims to enhance your online shopping experience. However, it turns out to be a malicious adware, which has the ability to show commercials on your web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and so on.


Dealnj Ads Haunting On Your Browsers? How to Remove Them Permanently

What is Dealnj

Dealnj is classified as an adware. It is an unwanted application which is designed for marketing purposes. This adware introduces itself as a useful tool to help saving money during online shopping. However the truth is, the promised convenience will never be got by users. This adware program actually aims to help its designer to generate pay-per-click revenue. Once Dealnj comes to your browsers, you will see numerous ads are brought to your browsers and they will disturb your browsing every now and then.

Get Rid of Net.portalsepeti.com Page on Your Browser - Browser Hijacker Removal Tips

Net.portalsepeti.com Introduction

Net.portalsepeti.com is not an ideal search engine compared to Google and Bing. It is not helpful if you want efficient search results. However many users have no choices and have to see it as soon as they run their IE, Chrome and Firefox.


Fake Free Support 1-866-957-4919 - How to Stop This Annoying Pop-up from Coming

Information about 1-866-957-4919 support line

Such a pop-up can be seen popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It looks like a computer problem alert but not reliable at all, since it will tell the same information to every victim no matter what exact the security condition is like in your PC.  


Get GetPrivate Ads Remove - Possible Unwanted Programs Removal Steps

Are you a victim of  GetPrivate ads?

GetPrivate is compatible with all popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and so on. It claims to be a VPN tool that will help users enjoy a faster browsing experience, and protect their privacy. However you should know the truth that this program is classified as a PUP (Possible Unwanted Program) with ad-supporting features. It will probably not offers you convenient browsing help, but inconvenience and risks instead.
Victims  may see these possible symptoms:

  • Ads are displayed in the form of banners, pop-ups and so on.
  • The ads are all related to your concerned information, but redirects you to irrelevant sites.
  • Browsers can work more and more slowly, it take longer to reload pages.
  • Rouge programs promoting pages are seen as new tab, comes when you run infected browsers.


Redirected by surfcanyon.com ? How to Get Rid of It?

What is surfcanyon.com

Surfcanyon.com can be seen on common browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Users find it is locked as the default homepage or search engine, but they never did the associated settings. If you are one of the victims, you may had noticed these symptoms:

  • Browser's start page is locked and it is hard to reset.
  • Your browsing is redirected to irrelevant sites against your will.
  • Unwanted toolbars and bookmarks are found to be added secretly.
  • The search results of this engine are all spams and ads.
  • The performance of browsers get reduced.
Obviously this is not a suitable page to be kept on your browsers because it is not efficient at all. Users have no idea about how and when did the browser hijacker come. They just found that one day their Google or Bing homepages are replaced without asking for permission. Actually it is known that such a browser hijacker is brought together with the installing of some malware. These malware can change the registry data, ensure that your browsers' start page is locked as surfcanyon.com and it will keep redirecting your browsing. You can try to remove the hijacker by cleaning up all related threats permanently.


How to Remove My Shopping XP PUP Throughly

Introduction to My Shopping XP

My Shopping XP is a browser extensions which looks so attractive, due to its advertisements about how it help users save money and time during online shopping. Or it can be packaged with third party free, and get installed by careless users when they pay no attention to to installing processes.
Unfortunately, this programs is classified as a PUP (Possible Unwanted Program) for reasons. Users who keep this program will only get inconvenient browsing experience instead of real good shopping suggestions.

Adware Removal Help - Don't be Fooled by "Call 1-800-784-5381" Pop-up on systerrorremover.com Page

Screenshot of Systerrorremover.com scam 

Know more about this scam

Systerrorremover.com domain is a good disguise of this scam page. Together with the design that looks like a security tool, the page had successfully cheated many users. Inexperienced users can be panic when they see such a page comes to their browsers as a new tab, describing that horrible problems are detected on their browsers. They are demanded to call a dubious number 1-800-784-538 to fix.