Trouble with PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP Virus, How to Remove PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP Virus

PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP Virus keeps coming back to your system though you have removed it by your antivirus over and over again? Computer performance is getting worse and worse by but still cannot find an antidote? Don’t know how to remove PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP Virus from your computer? By reading this post, you can find an effective way to get rid of PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP virus,read more here.

Get hit by PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP Virus

PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP Virus is known as an infamous threat for computers. It is a type of Trojan that can make users experienced with some sorts of damages. Like other well-know Trojan, PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP contains its weird features. If it comes out, it will do a lot of unexpected activities on the installed computers. PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AP be able to download a file from the above C&C server and saves it to the specific location. And then start to modify system settings and Window Registry immediately, the attackers may don’t know this infection can act some sorts of those unwanted behaviors until they get totally strange system.


Help!!! Adware Generic_r.KF? Adware Generic_r.KF Removal Guide

What is Adware Generic_r.KF? Why computer has been picked up some similar infections like Adware generic_r.KG, Adware generic_r.KI, or Adware Generic_r.EZ after this program appearing? How do you get Adware Generic_r.KF from your computer quickly and easily? Please read more about this post.

Intimidated by Adware Generic_r.KF?

Adware Generic_r.KF is a very nasty adware that can be detected by some famous antivirus programs. It is an annoying bug that seems to be lurking on the system and even though some computer users have tried to delete this adware by their security tools. But it keeps getting detected after opening the computers again. Adware Generic_r.KF generates intrusive third party ads and tracks user's Internet browsing as soon as it comes out.


Infected with Trojan.Zekos.Patched? Remove Trojan.Zekos.Patched Manually Step by Step

Are you still fretting with your PC’s weird and poor performance caused by Trojan.Zekos.Patched? Have tried many ways to remove Trojan.Zekos.Patched from your computer without luck? By reading this post, you can find an effective way to get rid of Trojan.Zekos.Patched completely and safely. Read more here to help you to remove Trojan.Zekos.Patched.

Trouble with Trojan.Zekos.Patched, need help with dealing with Trojan.Zekos.Patched?

Trojan.Zekos.Patched is kind of Trojan that may hit the installed computer seriously. This infection can turn off the antivirus and firewall without users consent and then modify the target system. This virus can add some files and registry to the infected machines and stop some progresses, so if users try to open these programs, they can get error warning messages. So some users cannot open some certain programs on affected computers.


Infected with Adware Generic_r.EZ? How do I Remove Adware Generic_r.EZ Quickly

Suddenly find that your PC has been infiltrated by Adware Generic_r.EZ? You don’t know how to get rid of Adware Generic_r.EZ, this step-by-step guide can help you safely and quickly remove Adware Generic_r.EZ and you also read this page for more detailed instructions.

Trouble with Adware Generic_r.EZ?

Adware Generic_r.EZ this threat can easily download onto the target computers without leaving trace. It can trigger a lot of problems on the installed PCs. As long as this program appears, it can affect the existing using browsers installed on the system. As many cases shown, Adware Generic_r.EZ will attach to all kind of browsers such as Yahoo, Bing, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome (especially Chrome).

Seek Effective Way to Uninstall PC Tech Hotline from Windows Vista/ Xp/ 7/ 8

Victims of PC Tech Hotline:

“I can't remove is PC Tech Hotline. I've used Malwarebytes, ADWCleaner, JRT (I can't recall what this is abbreviation stands for), and I've even tried looking for the file containing it. I've gone to the Uninstall a Program menu and there's nothing suspicious installed at all. I can't figure out how to get rid of it, it's on the top of every window I have opened and it's very, very irritating.”

“I have a client who has installed something called "PCTechHotline" - looks very invasive, but something legit in that area probably would be invasive.”


Help with Trojan Zekos, Trojan Zekos Removal Tips

Are you getting crazy with Trojan Zekos? Trojan Zekos can be detected by your security tools but seem no way to delete? If you have tried hard time on dealing with Trojan Zekos, there is step-by-step guide can help you completely remove Trojan Zekos, and you also read this post help you.

Be cumbered by Trojan Zekos?

Nowadays, many computer users have been annoyed by Trojan Zekos which installed on their computers in slightly, and then execute lots of unhappy behaviors. Trojan Zekos will corrupt the files and registry on the system, so many users may get the system crash when load the infected computers. Even they may experience the start-up issues if they want to open their computers.


W32.Mezit!inf Removal - Easy Steps to Get Rid of W32.Mezit!inf Virus Now

Your Norton360 has detected W32.Mezit!Inf, but the required action states "requires manual removal", how do you remove W32.Mezit!Inf virus manually?  Are you still in the dark about how to get rid of W32.Mezit!inf? By reading this post, you can find a good antidote to save your PC from W32.Mezit!inf immediately. And you can read more here.

Being bombarded by W32.Mezit!Inf Virus?

W32.Mezit!Inf is a high risk infection that can trigger many activities on the affected computers.  Usually, it can cause slow computer and abnormal shut down of the system automatically. W32.Mezit!Inf is usually detected by Norton360 or other security tools, but if you want to delete it by your antivirus programs, you may get such pop-up messages which the required action states "requires manual removal".

How to Stop Checkpcinstant.com Pop-up from IE/FF/Chrome?

Are you still upset with popups from Checkpcinstant.com? Have you identified that you have Checkpcinstant.com installed on your computer? Do you wish to remove Checkpcinstant.com  popup completely from your computer? By reading this post, you can have a clear understanding about Checkpcinstant.com and get the step-by-step guide to remove completely and effectively, you are also welcomed to download SpyHunter.


Getting crazy popups from Checkpcinstant.com 

Checkpcinstant.com is kind of adware that can affect all kinds of internet browsers after it gets on the target computers. It can create many add-ons onto the browsers without asking your permission. Once Checkpcinstant.com installs on the PC, it can cause many PC issues which can interfere users work on PCs normally. Checkpcinstant.com can show up a pop-up message which informs your computer may have potential issues. The pop-up window is shown as follows: 


Your PC may have potential issues.

Is your identity and personal information at risk?

It is recommended that your scan your computer.


Call : 1-(855)-753-9576 for Expert Technical Support”


Permanently Remove Sbxshclsm.com Pop-up Step-by-Step Instructions

The popup of Sbxshclsm.com

How do I know if my computer is affected by Sbxshclsm.com Pop-up?

1, your default browsers have been annoying by many pop-up windows.
2, those popups by Sbxshclsm.com with ads with highlight links with words.
3, in the pop-up windows, it informs you that your software like update flash player, Java has updated, you need to update the latest version of the software.
4, if you click next step, you may be redirected to sites promoted by Sbxshclsm.com which have fake downloads.
5, it keeps taking up high system resources, and computer will run extremely slow.

Need a Savior to Help You Eliminate Dm.startnow.com? Dm.startnow.com Manual Removal Guide

This afternoon, when you start to open your browsers, you browser has been hijacked by Dm.startnow.com? You have to reset your browser but you still get the redirects to http://dm.startnow.com/ if you do searches on the default search engine? if you have no choice on removing Dm.startnow.com, please read this page.


Have tried hard time on dealing with Dm.startnow.com

In part of security sense, Dm.startnow.com is a kind of misleading search engine that can mess up your computers by trying to monitor your internet browsers in the deep system. Usually, it will change the default homepage and search into http://dm.startnow.com/ and startnow search. Many users may consider it as normal search that they can do searches on the search bar, it contains Web, Images, Video, Maps, and News functions. Dm.startnow.com can affect all brands of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo, Bing. If you search something on the affected browsers, you will suffer unexpected redirections to its own sites. So that it may bring some traffic boost which increases the viewpoint of the sites.


What is Cr.tractionize? How can I Remove http://cr.tractionize.com/WLBidRequestHandler Pop-up Fast?

What will experience after Cr.tractionize appearing?

The problem has been around several days, and the URL address of http://cr.tractionize.com/WLBidRequestHandler keeps opening up automatically in the background. Even though I try to close it, but Cr.tractionize pops up several times. It is very annoying that I want to block it, but I have searched on the internet, but none instructions can remove cr.tractionize.

How to Get Rid of canadaaltax.com Redirect Quickly and Fast

Random redirects to canadaaltax.com when you do search on the certain web browsers? You don’t know canadaaltax.com is a bug or a legitimate program? You just want to uninstall it? You are welcomed to read more about this post.

Random "canadaaltax.com" redirects, is it canadaaltax.com a bug?

You start to notice Canadaaltax.com gets on your computer when you try to open up your browsers like previous done, you get random redirects to canadaaltax.com. And most of cases, you seem cannot stop those unwanted redirects, you want to know more about canadaaltax.com, and seek out some useful tips to get it off your computer.


How to Stop Dpx.js i.simpli.fi Pop-up from IE/Chrome/Firefox

“Every now and then on some sites a little download notification pops up bellow saying I need to download the file "dpx.js" from the domain "i.simpli.fi". What is this and what do I do to get rid of them and finally stop this. Any info would be great. ”

If you have the same problem with Dpx.js i.simpli.fi pop-up, and don’t know how to get rid of Dpx.js i.simpli.fi pop-up from your computer, you can read more here.

Typical Visible Characters of Dpx.js i.simpli.fi Popup

Dpx.js i.simpli.fi can be compatible with all brands of internet browsers such as Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer. Once it infiltrated into machines, it can perform lots of dangerous actions. As an attacker, you can obviously see that many annoying pop-ups from Dpx.js i.simpli.fi show on the webpage which you are browsing. Most of these popups by Dpx.js i.simpli.fi contain double under scoring certain words on the ads or links. If you try to close any of them, another new pop-up window opens instead.

After Dpx.js i.simpli.fi gets inside the target computer, it will add lots of unwanted add-ons like plug-in, toolbar onto the affected browsers. So you may experience bad web browser performance such as your web browser crashing unexpectedly, running very slow, and no response when visit websites.


What Dpx.js i.simpli.fi Popup will do in the background?

In fact, Dpx.js i.simpli.fi is a form of adware that can try to make changes of the affected browsers. So users may get strange system, and some sorts of unwanted programs and applications will be installed on the affected computers without your consent. Dpx.js i.simpli.fi is embedded into some codes by cyber criminals who want to gain money from the victims by recording the browsing history and collect the important information such as confidential information from users. And then they can use onto the commercial purpose in the future. In this case, attackers are asked to remove this program from the system for keeping a safe and healthy computer.

Dpx.js i.simpli.fi Popup is a pesky program that needs to be removed.

1, it can get inside the system by utilizing the vulnerabilities of the system, or window firewall, attaching with the freeware or shareware, packing with infected websites or spam emails.
2, it can attack all kinds of brands internet browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer.
3, you are asked to click Yes button to run the install this program.
4, it will attack the settings of DNS, browser homepage or search engine, if click No Run button, victims cannot access to the network, and cannot open the browsers normally.
5, this program is used by crooks to record the browsing history and collect the important information from users.
6, unexpected popup ads or links show on the browsing webpage.

Basic Steps to Dpx.js i.simpli.fi Pop up

User Removal Method one: Remove Dpx.js i.simpli.fi Pop up Manually

Firstly, open Task Manager and close all running processes:

Secondly, reset your browser’s settings (take Google as an example)

a. Click on the icon ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’, select ‘Options’.
b. Choose ‘Basic’ Options and change Google Chrome homepage to google.com or any other browser and then click the ‘Manage search engines…’ button.
c. Choose ‘Google’ and make it your default search engine.

Thirdly, check out all created files:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\armsvc.exe

Fourthly, search out all added registry values:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Default_Search_URL
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Search Bar

User Removal Method two: Stop Dpx.js i.simpli.fi Pop-up Under the Help with SpyHunter

Spyhunter is one of few choices to clean PC that is infected with aggressive parasites. It can be used as additional tool to disable malware temporarily, or as main remover. In any way, it is a valuable tool in battle against malware.


Step 2. Double-click the download file and follow the prompts to install the program.

Step 3. After the installation has been successfully completed, SpyHunter will download the latest definitions from Enigma Software Group servers.

Step 4. SpyHunter will start scanning your system automatically right after the installation has been completed successfully.

Step 5. Remove all malware or infected files have been detected by SpyHunter.

Notification: Dpx.js i.simpli.fi is an adware that can sneak into the computer without asking any permission, and then change the settings of the internet browsers like homepage and search engine. Many redirections and pop up ads can happen from time to time. To avoid getting more damages from Dpx.js i.simpli.fi popup ads, you are strongly recommended uninstalling this program from your computer, if you are not a savvy on computer,install SpyHunter to help you.

How do Remove Dos/Rovnix.gg Completely? Dos/Rovnix.gg Removal Guide

Your computer has been infected with Dos/Rovnix.gg? Even though you run scan with your system, but Dos/Rovnix.gg still stays on your computer? Well, if you have the same issue with Dos/Rovnix.gg, you can read this post carefully, and you may learn a lot about how to get rid of Dos/Rovnix.gg. You also are welcomed to read this post.

Feeling the pain of Dos/Rovnix.gg?

Dos/Rovnix.gg is a very risky infection that can invade into the computers without users’ knowledge. As long as Dos/Rovnix.gg comes out, it will try to take full control over the affected computers. It is a kind of Trojan that can make changes of the system in the background. It will create a bunch of new files and registry, and do a lot of harmful activities on the system.


How to Get Rid of gio.mappingdone.net? gio.mappingdone.net Removal Instructions

Image of gio.mappingdone.net


Ways of gio.mappingdone.net show up on your computer

Gio.mappingdone.net or gio mapping this program usually can be installed on the target computers without users’ knowledge. It can appear on the system in several means. Usually, there are some sorts of ways used by gio.mappingdone.net to get on the computers.

1) To visit some malicious websites or hacked legitimate websites which have the viruses or malware been around.
2) This program may be transmitted through spam email that contain links to infected websites or through attachments that are infected.
3) Click pop-up windows which the virus that has infected by occasionally.
4) Install some freeware on downloads sites.


How to Disable BrowserSafeguard(Browsersafeguard.exe) on Your Task Manager

“I can see BrowserSafeguard.exe in my task manager, so it is definitely running and slowing down my internet connection. I tried to find it in my program list, to uninstall it, but it isn't there. Any help is appreciated.”

It is a victim of BrowserSafeguard.exe, if you have the same problem, please read this post and you can learn something about BrowserSafeguard.exe, if you cannot get rid of BrowserSafeguard.exe by you, you can read more this page.

BrowserSafeguard.exe appears on Task Manager?

Information of BrowserSafeguard.exe

Name:  BrowserSafeguard
Filename:   Browsersafeguard.exe
Command:   C:\Program Files\Browsersafeguard\Browsersafeguard.exe

BrowserSafeguard is a program that may know as a valid program. It can appear on the computer users’ Task Manager or startup without asking permission from users. It is not required to run on startup automatically. But as soon as BrowserSafeguard comes out, it will start to load immediately and automatically. 

Infected with tags.bkrtx.com (bk-coretag.js)? Need Help with Get Rid of tags.bkrtx.com (bk-coretag.js) Fast

What is the problem of tags.bkrtx.com (bk-coretag.js)?

tags.bkrtx.com (bk-coretag.js) has attacked your computers without your consent? Your browser has been changed into https://tags.bkrtx.com/? And you keep redirecting to https://tags.bkrtx.com/js/bk-coretag.js when your start up your browsers? If you don’t know to get rid of tags.bkrtx.com (bk-coretag.js), please read this page. your problem will be fixed effectively.

Browser has hijacked by tags.bkrtx.com (bk-coretag.js)


Tags.bkrtx.com or bk-coretag.js can infiltrate user's Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Yahoo, or Bing, and so on). After it comes out, it will hijack the default internet browsers without asking any permission from users. The original homepage will be changed into https://tags.bkrtx.com/. Whatever and whenever you want to click new link to open new tab, you will be redirected to URL address with https://tags.bkrtx.com/js/bk-coretag.js.


POSHCODER Malware Removal- Way to Decrypt the Encrypted with .poshcoder Files.

You are hacked by POSHKODER? All files on the computer are decrypted? Files on system are still encrypted with .poshcoder files? You don't know what is this all about and how to get rid of it and get my files decrypted?

Files renamed with end extension as .poshcoder?

POSHKODER is a malware that may affect the target computers, and will encrypt the most of files and pictures or other documents.  Some cases, the files renamed with end extension as .poshcoder. Some attackers have tried many ways to decrypt the files, but they still cannot restore the data back to the previous one. POSHKODER aims to cheat money from users by plug them into the scam which claims that to download certain program promoted by Bitcrypt can help them decrypt the files and restore the data. Many users have believed the message by this virus and pay fee to install the program, for most of don’t have the backcups. So if you know .poshcoder files on your computer, please try to remove any of them from your computer as soon as possible.

Potential dangerous risks  of POSHCODER

1, it can add new additional add-ons onto the installed PC.
2, it is an unwanted program for users.
3, it may display bunch of unstoppable pop-ups advertisements.
4, this program will cause the files and documents encrypted.
5, computer and browser performance will slow down.
6, it will help cyber crooks collect information from users.

How to Get Rid of POSHCODER completely

POSHCODER Step-by-Step Manual Removal Instructions

Step 1, Restart your PC and before windows interface loads, tap “F8” constantly. Choose “Safe Mode with Networking” option, and then press Enter key.

Step 2, Launch the Task Manager by pressing keys “CTRL + Shift + ESC”, search for  processes and right-click to end them.

Step 3, Go to Control Panel and delete POSHCODER from Add & Remove program

1. Click on the Start button. This is the small round button with the Windows flag in the lower left corner.
2. Click on the Control Panel menu option.
3. Click on Program
4. Click Add & Remove Program
5. Find POSHCODER list and select Remove
6. Press the Apply button and then the OK button.

Step 4, remove the associated files and registry entries related with POSHCODER 

%Windir%\temp\ POSHCODER.exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Attachments "SaveZoneInformation"=1
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\ POSHCODER.exe

POSHCODER Step-by-Step Automatic Removal Instructions


Step 2. Double click on the download file and follow the prompts to install the program.( When the installation begins, keep following the prompts in order to continue with the installation process)

Step 3. When SpyHunter has finished installing, it will now start and you will be at the main screen as shown below. To perform a system scan, please click on the Scan Now button.

All in all, if you want to uninstall POSHCODER, please click here to install SpyHunter to remove POSHCODER.

Need Help with Removing W64.Viknok.B!inf from Windows Completely

In the log of Auto-Protect of Norton you see the qrtzutd.dll (W64.Viknok.B!inf) was detected? The Norton keeps popping up with a note saying that W64.Viknok.B!inf detects m and Status is "Manual Removal Required", you cannot remove  W64.Viknok.B!inf? Read more here.

W64.Viknok.B!inf  has implanted into your computer?

W64.Viknok.B!inf   is known as a very dangerous detection by some famous security tools like Norton ,Avira, or malwarebytes. This infection can do many unexpected actions on the infected computers.  As long as W64.Viknok.B!inf  executed, this threat can create a lot of random new files and registries on the system. So many users are hard to identify due to random file name it is utilizing. In fact, W64.Viknok.B!inf  is actually a Trojan that can perform various activities like infamous Trojan.


How to Get Rid of Supra Savings Adware -Supra Savings Ads Removal Instructions

Your computer has infected with Supra Savings? You have been annoyed with Supra Savings ads? If you don’t know how to remove Supra Savings, please read this post carefully and you may learn something about how to get rid of Supra Savings. If you still have confusion on it, you are welcomed to read the rest of the post and follow the removal guide listed below.

How do I know if my computer is affected with Supra Savings?

You may know Supra Savings gets on your computer when you start to see many pop-up ads by Supra Savings when you open up your browsers, and you may experience some unwanted redirects to unknown web pages while click new tab to open some certain websites. In some cases, you may see some sorts of unwanted browser add-ons appear on the browsers without your permission.

Need Instructions for Removal of Trojan: win64/Necurs.A

Your installed antivirus programs have detected the Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A on your system? But no antivirus or security program could function properly to remove Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A? After deleting Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A, your computer encounters restart problems and this Trojan can be detected again. Need some advice about how to delete Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A safely and completely from your system. Read this post.

Be struggling with Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A couple of days?

Trojan:Win64/Necurs.A is a very nasty Trojan that can be detected by Microsoft Security Essentials or Avira or other security programs. Like infamous Trojan:Win32/Necurs.gen!A, this infection usually can bypass the antivirus programs and disable some functions of the security tools. And it also can turn off the window firewall or windows defender on the system.

How Do I Get Rid of Sendapplicationget.com Redirect from IE/Chrome/Firefox

Many computers users has been attacked by Sendapplicationget.com problem, when they open Google or IE, they are kept switching me to another page with extra advertizing. Well, if you have the same issue with Sendapplicationget.com, please read this post carefully, and you also can also learn more details on removing Sendapplicationget.com.

Get diverted web page by Sendapplicationget.com

Sendapplicationget.com is usually known as a type of misleading search that may enter into the target computers by many means. This program often comes into the system through the free downloads, and to visit some malicious websites or unsafe sites which has infected with viruses, Sendapplicationget.com may also appear.


Help! Problem with http://www_getwindowinfo/ Popping up?

Do you have the same problem as the following cases? if you have been attacked by http://www_getwindowinfo/ popup when open Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or other browsers, you should remove www_getwindowinfo from your computer, and if you need help on getting rid of http://www_getwindowinfo/ pop-up, please read more about this post.

Get peeved by http://www_getwindowinfo/ popup?

http://www_getwindowinfo/ or www_getwindowinfo is classified as an annoying browser hijacker that can be installed on the computers without leaving trail. As long as this program installed, it can try to make changes of the default browsers including start-up page, search page or homepage settings. Your browsers turn forward to http://www_getwindowinfo when you open them and start to do any search.


Complete Guide to Remove/Uninstall Windows Internet Watchdog

Windows Internet Watchdog installs on your computer slightly? You don’t know it is a safe one to use or not? Windows Internet Watchdog keeps pop-ups scan results? You cannot uninstall Windows Internet Watchdog by you? You are welcomed to read this post to tell you solutions on removing Windows Internet Watchdog.


How did you pick up Windows Internet Watchdog?

Windows Internet Watchdog can get on target computers by many means, visiting malicious websites, or hacked legitimate websites, this program will infect your computer without your permission. WindowsInternet Watchdog is also transmitted through spam email that contain links to infected websites or through attachments that are infected. It can utilize the vulnerability of the programs on the computers.

Best Way to Remove key-finder.com From IE/Chrome/Firefox

Hi, I seem to have downloaded a file with the key-finder bug. And it keeps taking control of my homepage. How can I get rid of key-finder?” When you open your browsers, you keep redirecting tp this web page? You don't know how to remove it and please read more this post.

The image of key-finder pop-up

Key-finder.com is taking over browser?

Key-finder.com is known as an unwanted search engine that bases on adware and browser hijacker. As long as this program comes out, users may experience a lot of issues on when they are using their machines. The most obvious thing is that whenever you open your browsers on your computer, you find that your homepage has been taken controlled by http://key-finder.com/, and the search has changed into key find page. And if you open a new tab or click a new link, you may be redirected to key-finder from time to time.

How to Remove/Uninstall/Get Rid of Fast Clean Pro from Windows

Attacker of Fast Clean Pro

“My mom decided to go smart and downloaded the fast clean pro because her computer was slow (She's not that good with computer) and now she wants to get rid of it. I tried to get rid of it by deleting it, but the ad keep on popping at her computer. Her computer is samsung sensx170.”

According to the previous example of Fast Clean Pro who has been attacked, we can notice that this program is not safe to use and keep staying on the system. You have to get rid of Fast Clean Pro from your computers when you find it. And if you want to get free chat with get help from an Online Computer Expert, you are welcomed to click here.