How Do I Block "This is not a joke. You are the 100000th visitor. Click here" Ads

"This is not a joke. You are the 100000th visitor. Click here" popup ads keep showing? You don’t know it is a scam or trustful popup ads? if you want to know more about those ads, please read more this post.

"This is not a joke. You are the 100000th visitor. Click here" Ads Invaded Your PC

"This is not a joke. You are the 100000th visitor. Click here" popup ads infects all Windows operating system based PC viz. Windows 98, 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7 & 8. It keeps popping up on a random links and you some absolutely annoying content which will interrupt your browsing or using on your PC. As you can see that, this hijacker seems to be affected with all forms of internet browsers such as Yahoo, Bing, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Moliza Firefox.


How to Remove Isearch.safefinder.net from Web Browsers

Nuisance Isearch.safefinder.netv 

Isearch.safefinder.net is from a browser hijacker family can modify the settings of internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Yahoo, Bing, Safari, Opera or others browsers. It can replace your web browser’s search and homepage into Safe Finder without your consent. In such case, if you open your browsers and then type any search to browse something, you can be redirected to http://isearch.safefinder.net/. Each time you do searches by clicking on a link on the affected browsers, it takes you elsewhere from a page end with this site.

How DO Uninstall/ Remove PC Fix Speed System Optimizer - PC Fix Speed System Optimizer Removal

It's very persistent:

You can see the following victims’ saying, and you will note that it is a very persistent program:

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this PC Fix Speed System Optimizer? I have McAfee but it obviously got by them somehow. I have no idea where it came from and I have searched everywhere but can't find it to uninstall it! It is driving me crazy!

I have an application called PC Fix Speed System Optimizer on my system which I am trying to remove. I looking at guides that suggested to use JRT, I receive an error "non 7z archive" Rkill gives me "Not a valid Win32 Application"


Browser Redirects to websearch.simplespeedy.info – How to Remove websearch.simplespeedy.info

Browsers like IE, Firefox or Chrome keep redirecting to websearch.simplespeedy.info? How to get back your default search? Read more here.

Websearch.simplespeedy.info Becomes Alarming

Simplespeedy is known as a type of browser hijacker that causes redirection to websearch.simplespeedy.info. It is a bogus search engine which seems to be a useful websites which can provide you some functions to do searches. But it can act a lot of activities on the default search engine and homepage. Like other infamous web browser hijacker Trovi, istartsurf, it can change default homepage and DNS settings under any browser like Firefox or Chrome. So whenever you want to open a new tab, the virus will redirect you to the domains which may be associated with Websearch.simplespeedy.info. And the directed URL as follows:

How to Remove Luhe.LockScreen.A - Luhe.LockScreen.A Removal Guide

The overall tonality around the thread - Luhe.LockScreen.A

Luhe.LockScreen.A is a malicious Trojan that is unable to spread of its own accord. It may perform a number of actions of an attacker's choice on an affected computer. It is a detection mechanism created to identify new malware threats without using the conventional signatures. This Trojan virus can affect all Windows system such as Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7/8. It has found to attacked many computer users from all over the world.

How Can I Remove WSE_Astromenda - Need Help with Deleting WSE_Astromenda

Great Pain on WSE_Astromenda

The following sayings are from victims of WSE_Astromenda:

“I’m trying to uninstall a program called WSE_Astromenda but am being told I don't have sufficient access. I have included an image. I can't find this thing anywhere on my computer except on the uninstall page under Programs and Features.”

“By not thoroughly checking what additional stuff was coming through with a download I've allowed WSE_Astromenda into Win7. Initially it dropped all kinds of stuff onto Browser Taskbars but I seem to have stopped it.

According to some computer users’ complained, we have noticed that WSE_Astromenda is very dangerous infection that can post great pain on infected computers.


How to Remove BackDoor.Andromeda with Removal Tool and Removal Guide

Surrogate BackDoor.Andromeda

BackDoor.Andromeda is type of BackDoor Trojan virus that affects all kinds of operating system including Win32 (Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8). Usually, it will get inside the target computers by attaching with spam emails, pop-up ads or links, or inserting in the popular websites. Mostly, this Trojan can be bundled with freeware or shareware on the internet. If users pay no attention to install any of them, this threat will be installed.