How to Remove CTB Locker and Critroni Ransomware and Get Your Encrypted Files Back

New Ransomware Strain - CTB Locker (Critroni )

CTB Locker (Curve-Tor-Bitcoin Locker) has other name called Critroni. According many users complain, we can know that it is a very nasty file-encrypting ransomware was found all overall the world. Many security experts have fond out a truth that this infection has some certain relationship with CryptoLocker and CryptoWall those two infamous ransomware. Just like other ransome, this program seems to affect all types of versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Since CTB Locker (Critroni ) is known as a file-encrypting ransomware, so it will try to encrypt your files stored on the computers without asking your permission. This infection uses special technique which contains the functionality to encrypt files. Once files are encrypted, the victim is prompted with a ransom message and a decryption deadline. The victim is required to purchase Bitcoins and send the payment to the Bitcoin address provided. It shows a ransom page with tile with Your personal files are encrypted. And it may display deceptive message stating that anything you do to remove the virus may lead to the destruction of your private key. Without this key, your cannot get your files back.

Please don’t believe those popup messages, for CTB Locker (Critroni ) is created for cyber crooks who want to cheat your money. This infection tries to block access to files, programs, and computer in order to collect payment from victims. This ransomware can locate the IP address you are online and online it publically to persuade you that you are ensnared. It also put your computer under control of your computer camera and uses it to click images of the room it is in to scare and forces you to pay off the monetary fine. For this case, you have to remove CTB Locker (Critroni ) from your computer.

CTB Locker (Critroni) makes your PC diable.

A: It locks the PC and encrypts files on the system.
B: It track the IP address you are online and online it publically to persuade you that you are ensnared. C: You have to pay fee to get the private key to decrypt your files.
D: It will then create a hidden random named job in Task Schedule that launches the malware executable every time you login

How to Complete the Decryption Process Caused by SynoLocker

Step One: Restart your PC into Safe Mode with Networking.

*For Windows 7/Vista/XP users:

a. Restart the computer. Before Windows Welcome interface appears, please tap F8key constantly until Windows Advanced Options Menu displays.
b. On the black screen of Windows Advanced Options Menu, use the arrow key to move down and choose Safe Mode with Networking option by highlighting it. Then hit Enter on the Keyboard.

*For Windows 8 users:

a. Select Settings on the charm bar and then Power options. Press and hold Shift key on the keyboard and click Restart.

b. Click Troubleshoot on the displaying Choose an option menu and then Advanced option to proceed.
c. Choose Windows Startup Settings next and press Restart. After that, the computer will reboot and show nine start-up settings, click F5 to enter.

Step Two: Run a computer scan with SpyHunter Anti-Malware to remove CTB Locker(Critroni)

SpyHunter is a powerful Anti-Malware to detect and remove all traces of malware including worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, dialers, spyware and more.

1: Download the latest official version of SpyHunter by click the below download icon.


2: Once you have downloaded, double-click the installer file to start the installation.

3: Keep following the prompts shown on the screen in order to continue with the installation process.

4: When installing done, please start a full scan with your system.

5: After the scanning, please check the results and remove all infected files.

Step Three: Restart your PC back to normal mode.

Expert’s reminder:

CTB Locker (Critroni ) is notorious file-encrypting ransomware that targets all files on your system, and encrypt them so that they are unusable. To keep your adware from this infection, and protect to your data files, you have to remove this ransomware. Clear up all related CTB Locker (Critroni ) programs, please use famous removal software to help you.

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