How to Remove Search Safer - Search Safer Removal Guide

What is Safe Searcher 

Recently, some computer users are facing some redirects problems on their browsers. Each time they open ther web browsers,Search Safer opens itself without prompt. Even though many of them try to remove it from their computers, but all in avail. Search Safer is a browser hijacker that has been developed by remote hackers to fulfill their own marketing needs and requirements. It modified system DNS settings and redirect search result to Alnaddy.com to promote advertisments and other fake programs. It first changes user homepage and changes registry to make the PC perform sluggishly and abnormally.

Search Safer may contain malicious code that can get access to your computer and install themselves on your computer without any attention or consent. This program will hijack the default homepage of existing browser, and then replaced with your homepage with Search Safer. Many reports claim that this infection can attack IE, Firefox and Chrome, Yahoo, or Bing browsers.

Search Safer can trigger a lot of redirects to its domian, and then show a bunch of popup ads. It is made to generate revenue for its creator by means of delivering web traffic to its client. In addition, Safe Searcher will slip off user confidential information such as number of credit card, bank account login details and others. It make use of keystroke and keyloggers to record online and offline user activities and send all the details to remote hackers. In order to get rid out of the problem opting automatic Safe Searcher removal tool is an effective solution. It scans the entire drive and delete all infected files completely.

Easily Removal Steps to Remove Search Safer from Chrome/Firefox/IE

Step 1 : Uninstall dnsrsearch.com from Windows Control Panel

1. Open Control Panel using instructions below base on your operating system. Accessing Control Panel on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Click on Start > Control Panel. Window should open where you can adjust your computer settings.

Accessing Control Panel on Windows 8

a) Move your mouse on lower-left corner of the screen and wait for the icon to appear. b) Right-click on the icon to display list of accessible programs.

c) Select Control Panel from the list. Window should open where you can adjust your computer settings. 2. When Control Panel window appears, click on 'Uninstall a program' under Programs area.
3. Your display now shows a screen to uninstall or change a program. Now, try to look and remove items.

Step 2: Run Anti-Malware Program to Automatically Remove Search Safer

1.Download Anti-Malware Here!


 2. Follow the installation prompts to install the tool on your PC.

3. Start a full scanning after installing.

4. Delete all malware items.


Search Safer can be installed on the computer via being bundled with freeware, embedding with spam email attachments, or inserting into popup ads or links. after installed, it starts to make changes of the browser settings and then trigger a bunch of redirects and pop-up ads. You have to remove it with reliable removal tool here to uninstall it quickly.

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