How to Remove http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ Virus? How can I stop http://www.adobeupdate2014.com Pop-up

A massive problem from http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ virus?

www.adobeupdate2014.com keeps popping up when you start to open your internet browsers? You can get popup message which tells you to download the newest version of adobe software from the page of http://www.adobeupdate2014.com? Don’t know it is a scam or real site to review? Read the following post, you will get good result.

The Images of http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ fake update virus


I, http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ is a fake or genuine site?

Many users don’t know www.adobeupdate2014.com is a scam site or a real site to visit, and they have no idea with this site at all. In fact, this site is a scam that is designed by the internet crime who wants to make money. The crime tries to make users believe http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ is a genuine site by showing users the webpage which tells them to download the latest adobe software. Many users consider it as a normal update of Adobe which is necessary for their PCs.

II, The interface of the page of http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/

When your PC has been infected with adobe virus, you will see a page with several texts popping up on your screen without closing at all. And you can know that the page from a web address like these:



On this page, you will see such texts:

New flash player is required to view this page

"100% Free update

Watch HD movies online

Supports FLV/Flash

Beautiful HD video, faster graphics rendering, and high performance"

And on this page, you also see a little pop-up window on the huge window, and there are also some words showed up:

“Flash Player Update!

It is recommended you update Flash Player to the latest version to view this page.

Please update to continue.”

III, A direct adobe update link from http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ keeps appearing

http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ is a scam site which is a typically browser hijacker that can attack many computers recently. Most computer experts regard it as adobe virus. Once this program installs on the PCs, it will modify the settings of internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Yahoo, Bing, Safari, Opera or others browsers. After changes, you will see that when you click a link to open a new site or search, the adobe update link from http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/. When you try to open your browsers, it keeps adding tabs to your internet browser like this address:


IV, Adobe update message from http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ popping up?

As long as www.adobeupdate2014.com virus comes out, it will try to show up many pop-ups from http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ which tells you download the latest version of Flash Player. It pops up a larger page and in the page and a little window on the middle of the page. You cannot get the next step, if you don’t click OK button, and even though you click a shout down button, another new popup from www.adobeupdate2014.com open instead immediately. 

V, Some examples who are suffering with www.adobeupdate2014.com

“I have recently had a big problem with malware on my computer, mostly adware, but i have be able to remove most of them using Malwarebytes but have still been left with on virus that keeps adding tabs to my internet browser the web link being used is: 


I know this is a fake site, but it is becoming a massive problem especially when going on YouTube.”

“Keep getting the message from http://www.adobeupdate2014.com to download the latest adobe software to view this page, it's a scam I think??”  

http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ virus triggers fatal damages on PC

1, it is a typically browser hijacker.
2, this program can affect all kinds of internet browsers such as IE, Chrome, or Firefox.
3, it can hijack the homepage and cause redirections to http://www.adobeupdate2014.com if you click a new tab.
4, this hijacker can skip past the anti-virus applications.
5, www.adobeupdate2014.com will show up many pop-ups when you start-up your browsers.
6, it is a scam that can display fake message which tells you to download the latest version of Flash Player.

How to get rid of http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ popup and redirect virus 

Removal Guide 1: Remove http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ Manually

Step 1, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and stop www.adobeupdate2014.com processes in the Windows Task Manager.

Step 2, Repair Search Engine.

For Google Chrome

To do this, you need to open your Google Chrome->Wrench Icon> Settings> Manage Search Engines->Remove any unnecessary Search Engines from the list and make a certain search engine you prefer as your default search engine.

Step 3, Reset infected browser’s homepage.

For Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer->select Tools->Internet Option->General.

Step 4, remove associated registry settings and delete the infected files:

%Profile%\Local Settings\Temp\ www.adobeupdate2014.com
%ProgramFiles%\ www.adobeupdate2014.com
%UserProfile%\www.adobeupdate2014.com HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\InternetExplorer\ www.adobeupdate2014.com
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Firefox\extensions\www.adobeupdate2014.com KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main “Use FormSuggest” = ‘yes’
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced “ShowSuperHidden” = 0

Step 5, Clear browser cookie and cache.

Removal Guide 2: Remove http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/ with Removal Tool

1. Click Here to install  Removal Tool to automatically remove it quickly.


2. Install SpyHunter by reading the installation details.

3. Scan out and remove the residing files of infection.
After you install the program, please open it, and switch to Scan tab, perform quick or full scan to eliminate possible virus infection file

Once the scan is over, you can click view button to check the detail information of the detection. Please make sure to click “Remove” button to completely remove the malicious files from your computer.

Video of removing of  www.adobeupdate2014.com pop-up

Helpful tips: www.adobeupdate2014.com roots from browser hijacker and adware. This program can trigger a ton of problems on the installed computer like annoying redirections and popup ads from http://www.adobeupdate2014.com/while open up internet browsers. In addition, this redirect virus can be installed the system without any permission. To prevent you picking up this threat, you should pay more attention on the activities on the internet. In case your computer has been caught adobe virus, please click here install SpyHunter  to remove spigot completely.

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