Why do I keep getting directed to ww6.btosjs.info? How do I block http://ww6.js.btosjs.info/?

I have no realization when ww6.btosjs.info and ww9.js.btosjs.info these two things come up on my machine, until I keep getting pop up things and redirections, I want to block these two websites, but I don’t have much knowledge on computer, so I want someone who good at computer to help me to get rid of http://ww6.js.btosjs.info/ and http://ww9.js.btosjs.info/ from my homepage.

ww6.btosjs.info try to sell me a domain

Each time I open Firefox or other browsers installed on my computer, I can find that I get redirected to ww6.btosjs.info or ww9.btosjs.info those queer and unexpected websites. This site send me a domain, but I don’t want to set it as my domain, so I try to cancel it, but it don’t let me do that, and my default homepages have taken control by http://ww6.js.btosjs.info/. I feel confusion that I try to Google something about ww6.btosjs.info, and in the computer help center forums, I see a lot of cases like me have the same problems. And some reply answers claim this program as a stubborn browser hijacker, and some reasons to prove this definition. First of all, ww6.btosjs.info takes over all internet browsers and redirects original webpages to its own sites, and other malicious websites like http://ww9.js.btosjs.info, http://ww6.js.multibar.me/, http://ww9.js.multibar.me/.Second, this program can attack browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Yahoo, Bing and others. And then changes the DNS, homepage, search engine settings, so the default homepages, search engine to ww6.btosjs.info. Three, attackers cannot allow to open other real sites, every time they open a wanted sites, this nasty site comes up and prevent them opening other sites.
Otherwise, I can see some people who posted in the forums define this search browser as a annoying adware that it will display popup ads or links from ww6.btosjs.info, and you have no option to click these malicious things, for the mouse freeze and is not under your control. A few hours later, you will see more diseases come up with this program.
In addition, I find out a generality among those attackers, all of them like me don’t know how this unwanted program appears on their machines, and they are sure that they never download this program. So we can make a conclusion that ww6.btosjs.info sneaks into the target computers without asking a prompting. According recent reports from computer security, we need to remove this program from the installed system safely and quickly.  

Screenshot ww6.btosjs.info


Vulnerability/ loophole from ww6.btosjs.info are formed into shape to make the following troubles possible:

Because random changes to the system to allow ww6.btosjs.info settlement, so victims can face the below troubles.
% attackers infected by this threat start finding them redirected to ww6.btosjs.info or other malicious website randomly which access unfamiliar and risky web content.
% it takes over all internet browsers installed on infected computer and then changes the DNS, homepage, search engine settings.
% this site is not allowing me to open another sites, each time users want to open a new sites, they find that they reach the ww6.btosjs.info site.
% this program displays malicious ads or links.
% this browser hijacker can attack all kinds of browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Yahoo, Bing and others.
% this infection will come with other diseases, so the infected system gets more choices to infect other virus.
% it gets inside into the compromised machine without victims knowledge.
% it may collect information about your search queries, favorite websites, browsing history and even login information.
% if you downloaded this program, your computer will start to work weirdly.

Easily way to uninstall ww6.btosjs.info from attacked machine

Intrusion 1, Stop the related processes as listing:
1, Press CTRL and AlT and DELETE key totally and open the task manager box.
2, choose the malicious processes about ww6.btosjs.info.
3, click the End Process button to stop these select items. 

Intrusion 2, Get rid of all add-ons from using browsers
For IE:
1.  Open IE and go to Tools‘ → ”Manage Add-ons.
2.  Choose ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ and uninstall everything related to from the list.
3.  Choose Search Providers’ → choose the search engine you used before and make it your default search provider. Additionally, select Web Search, click Disable suggestions to disable it.
4. GoTools →‘Internet Options and select General tab. Click Use default or enter your own website name, google.com or other. Finally, click OK to save the changes.

For Mozilla Firefox:
1.   Open Mozilla Firefox, go Tools’ → ‘Add-ons.
2.   Choose Extensions’ → click Uninstall.
3. Go Tools’ → ‘Options. Finally, reset the startup homepage or change it to google.com.

For Google Chrome:

1. Click on the icon ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’, select ‘Options’.
2. Choose ‘Basic’ Options and change Google Chrome homepage to google.com or any other browser and then click the ‘Manage search engines…’ button.
3.  Choose ‘Google’ and make it your default search engine.
Intrusion 3, Eliminate btosjs.info related programs from Control Panel.
1) Click the “start” button on the lower left corner of your desktop
2) Double click the button “Control Panel” to process
3) Highlight “Add / Remove Program” icon from Control Panel
4) Select the btosjs.info icon in the list,
5) Click “Remove” icon to uninstall btosjs.info Related programs
6) Press OK to apply the changes.
7) Reboot your computer to make sure it works

Intrusion 4,Delete associated files as following:
Intrusion 5, Eliminate added registries:


Automatically remove  ww6.btosjs.info with SpyHunter

1. You can download SpyHunter from the below icon:

2. When SpyHunter has finished downloading, please double-click on the SpyHunter icon that now appears on your desktop. If Windows prompts you as to whether or not you wish to run SpyHunter, please allow it to run.

3. Now click on the Scan button in SpyHunter to scan you PC for infections.

4. Remove all the listed malware.

Helpful advices: ww6.btosjs.info is a stubborn program that can enter into the target computer without asking permission, and it will keep changing the settings on the infected system, and add some unknown things on it, and then control it in the backstage. As you can see, this program leads to ww6.btosjs.info or ww9.js.btosjs.info sites, and then you cannot be allowing opening other wanted websites. And more threats can sneak into the poor protection by dropping with this program. So you are in hurry to uninstall this program as soon as you can. If you have no idea how to do,please download SpyHunter removal tool to scan your PC.

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