How do I get rid of Eseeky.com from my browser?

Suffering from Eseeky.com browser redirect virus? How do I know that my computer get this virus?

In most cases, Eseeky.com will do several things on the attacked system which you can easily notice that its existing. If you are meeting the problems as I mentioned below, you can estimate that if your computer is infected this browser hijack or not.

1. Most of the time, your browser is redirected to various sites which displays annoying ads or malicious links.
2.  Usually, you find that your search engine and default browser’s homepage are replaced with Eseeky.com and http:// Eseeky.com/ without your knowledge.
3. Unfortunately, you try to use other browsers instead of IE, but you find that your Google Chrome, and Firefox have the same problems with the IE.  
4. Apart from that you also get a bunch of bundled free software installed on your computer without your permission.
5.  You try to use your antivirus program to delete it, but you cannot find anything.
6. You feel tried, and you find a nagging thing, when you launch your system this redirecting thing happens again after you uninstalling it from your control panel.

Is it safe if I keep Eseeky.com thing on my computer?

There is no doubt that it is very unsafe for you to keep Eseeky.com this hijack browser virus on your system. This infection is usually bundled with other free program which contains malware things, if you download any of those programs, your computer may get this virus or other additional virus. In addition, this virus can change the settings of DNS, homepage and search engine, search provider, desktop background have been changed without your permission. So each you search a new thing by your search engine, you will be lead to Eseeky.com and http:// Eseeky.com/ without your knowledge. Those redirections often have many ads showing on their pages. The most dangerous thing is that this Eseeky.com program is used by the hackers who want to trap users into buying the products which promote on the platform by Eseeky.com and then they can gain money from users. Then hackers also can collect the visiting history and steal users’ privacy data such as logon accounts, bank details and so on. So to keep your PC safe and healthy, please get rid of this infection as soon as possible when you find it.

The screenshot of Eseeky.com browser redirect virus

To remove Eseeky.com browser redirect virus step by step

Solution 1: uninstall Eseeky.com from attacked computer
Step 1: Click Start Menu, Control Panel, Double-click Add/Remove Programs
Step 2: Scroll down to find Eseeky.com and related programs. Click Uninstall or Remove to uninstall these programs from the attacked computer.

Solution 2: remove Eseeky.com adware from your browser:

* Internet Explorer

Step 1: open Internet Explorer, navigate to Tools
Step2: Manage Add-ons->Disable Strong Vault related add-on or extension.

* Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox, navigate to Tools-
Step 2:Add-ons->Extensions->Disable Strong Vault related add-on or extension.

* Google Chrome
Step 1: open your Google Chrome; navigate to Wrench Icon->Tools->Extensions
Step2: Unclick the Enabled to disable Strong Vault related add-on or extension, and then click the Bin button to remove them.

Solution three: find out all the related files and regitry as listed and then delete them:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\InternetSettings “CertificateRevocation” = 0
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableTaskMgr” = 1
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system “DisableTaskMgr” = 1
C:\program files
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\

Permanently Remove Eseeky.com With Powerful SpyHunter Anti-Spyware Protection

1. Download SpyHunter Free Scanner here.


2. Double-click on Setup file to start the installation process.

3. Follow the prompts listed on the screen to finish the installation process.

4. To perform a system scan, please click on the Scan Now button.

5. Remove all the listed malware.

Summary: Eseeky.com is useless program cannot easily to uninstall by users, and it is an adware that display fake message and pop-up ads. In addition, browser defender is known as a kind of hijack browser virus that can cause many redirections to other malicious websites, and users’ homepage and default search engine will be replaced with Eseeky.com its own sites.

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