How to get rid of Search.installmac.com redirect from your browser completely

A nasty and stubborn Search.installmac.com has hijacked my browser address bar search

I downloaded Internet Explorer and a program called DJVu this morning, and I find that my Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox have hijacked by a thing named Search.installmac, but exactly I don’t know what is this and why this thing happen. In fact, I consider this program as a Genieo product and it is a legal program. However, when I input any search into the address bar by using my Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox, I find I automatically redirects to Install.mac.com page. I try to uninstall this program from computer, but I search on my computer, but I cannot find out any related to Install.mac or Genieo. I feel tired that these redirections made me crazy, and each time I type any words in the search box, I will get unwanted results into redirecting to Search.installmac.com without asking me. I have no any idea about this kind of things. 

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A bunch of commercial ads from Search.installmac display

A part from the above things, I find out when you open my browsers, I can see a host of ads from Search.installmac pop up on my screen. Whenever I search any things on the internet, I can get lots of ads showing. Most of these ads are commercial products which have been curtained by the third parties who want to gain money from promoting these products. In this case, installmac can be use as a platform to display adverts. When you visit those ads, you may get chances to infect more threats onto the target computers. For this program can open a backdoor to other infections from outside.

Search.installmac sneaks into my computer stealthily 

I never notice Search.installmac before until I find myself keep redirecting to Search.installmac.com or its own certain websites. Really, I cannot find out how this infection can get into my computer, I never install it and download something related it. So I conclude that this program can run into target computers by such means, it may get into computer if you search online reckless, and if you don’t pay attention to quit some unwanted steps when install a program online. In addition, if you visit an unknown website or click any spam email and update software may catch this virus.

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What dangers will Search.installmac cause to my computer?

1.       It is a nasty and stubborn hijack browser which can hijack lots of browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.
2.       This is virus seems to be a product from Genieo and it looks like a legitimate program.
3.        It can lead I automatically redirects to Install.mac.com page whenever I type any search on the address bar.
4.       I can get a bunch of unwanted ads when I open my browsers, and those ads have been sponsored by cyber crooks who want to again money from promoting their products on this website.
5.       Search.installmac will sneak into the target computer without asking permission.
6.       It will tack your visiting history and collect important information from the attacked computer and then send them to the designers of the program.

Screenshot of  Search.installmac.com


The best way to remove Search.installmac.com from my computer

I have found that my antivirus cannot find this infection out, and I have tried myself to uninstall this program from my Control panel many times, but I still cannot remove it. When I open my computer, it comes back again, so I am confused, and I have no idea to handle with this issue.

To remove Search.installmac.com manually

Solution1. End all the related malicious processes.
Mean to open Task Manager;
Please press Ctrl and Alt and Delete key together to open the Task Manager, and then select referred processes with this infection, and then press End the process key.

Solution2. Stop any unknown startup items.
Way to stop: click Start menu and then choose Run, and type “msconfig” into the run box, and then open System Configuration Utility, and then Disable all possible startup items which has related with Search.installmac.

Solution3. Get rid of all associated with this infection from your browsers.
Solution4. To remove all related files as listing:

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\~random
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Random “.exe”
Solution5. Delete the added registry from Search.installmac:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “CertificateRevocation” =Random
Solution6. Reset your browser’s settings. (Take IE as example)
Open IE, and then click Tools options on the tool bar, and choose Internet Options then open an Internet Options box, and in the General option, please reset the homepage to the default homepage.

All manual steps are complicated, if you are not a computer savvy, we strongly recommend you downloading reliable removal tool – SpyHunter to keep your web browsers and system safe.


Remove Search.installmac.com with Powerful and Reputable Removal Tool 

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The following steps are installation process.
1. After finishing downloading, please search out the download file, and then open the file.

2. Follow the installation prompts shown on the screen to complete the installation.

3. Scan your computer by clicking Scan Now button.

4. Remove all infected files detected by SpyHunter.

Suggestions: Search.installmac.com is tricky adware that will display lots of malicious ads, sponsor links, illegal websites. Once this virus enters into the target computer without asking permission, it will begin to do lots of annoying things. Annoying Pop-Ups, slow computer performance and steal privy data and so on. So please remove this infection from attacked computer immediately. And if you have no idea about how to handle with this program,Download the most popular antivirus program here to help you.


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