How to uninstall DealBulldog adware, easy way to remove DealBulldog Toolbar from your computer

My questions on DealBulldog (toolbar)

DealBulldog toolbar adds on my internet browser without my consent, and I find it after installing a program form CENT downloads. I have faced with several issues about this DealBulldog thing, I find keep redirecting to DealBulldog.com or its related websites like “bigseekpro” when my search on my internet browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. As soon as I find these redirections, I uninstall the program downloaded from CENT, but I still get the redirected things. I don’t know why this kind of thing happens, and I need to ask you some questions about DealBulldog.

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My first question is that why I keep getting redirections to DealBulldog.com or other unwanted sites?

DealBulldog is known as a hijack browsing, which can hijack your original homepage and default search engine. And then change the settings of your homepage and search engine without asking permission. After these changes happen, you are leading to DealBulldog.com or other related websites, so you cannot get your wanted results while searching on your Firefox browser.

My second question is why I receive a bunch of ads from DealBulldog?

DealBulldog .com is a website which can provide various products online shopping, and DealBulldog toolbar claims that it is useful for users who want to buy products online. But DealBulldog is a nasty adware that display ads, coupons, and deals to victims. Its main aim is to persuade users to purchase the products which are added on the ads, so this program has been used as a tool by the owners to earn money. This toolbar can target Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox three famous browsers, and show annoying ads on the search box, and it also popup a lot of ads on the visiting pages.

My third question is why I cannot find out DealBulldog on my internet browser?

I feel tired that I have search all files on my computer, but I cannot find out any file about DealBulldog, I also cannot find out DealBulldog toolbar from Tools' > Add-Ons in the Firefox browser, and I search on my program from control panel, I cannot pick any files about this infection. So I realize that its files can hide deeply in the system and I think it may have change its name and add some new files on my system.
My fourth question is why DealBulldog can sneak into my computer?
DealBulldog toolbar is distributed by utilizing the speed of Internet. You may reach this infection via spam emails, social networking sites, and software update. In addition, this adware is packed with freeware which can easily download from the internet, commonly, it is wrapped to multimedia programs, games, and tools on the download websites.

Screenshot of DealBulldog toolbar:

The risks of DealBulldog toolbar.

A. Target computer will be slower and slower.
B. It will take a long time to open a webpage and your browser is much slower than before.
C. It always redirects you to DealBulldog its own websites or some other malicious sites.
D. You will see a lot of ads popping up when you search on line.
E. This infection can hide deeply in the attacked system, so you cannot find out from the program files.
F. This virus can come into compromised system without asking users permission.

How remove DealBulldog toolbar?

Solution1. End all the related malicious processes.
Mean to open Task Manager;
Please press Ctrl and Alt and Delete key together to open the Task Manager, and then select referred processes with this infection, and then press End the process key.

Solution2. Stop any unknown startup items.
Way to stop: click Start menu and then choose Run, and type “msconfig” into the run box, and then open System Configuration Utility, and then Disable all possible startup items which has related with DealBulldog.

Solution3. Get rid of all associated with this infection from your browsers.
Solution4. To remove all related files as listing:
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Random“.exe”
Solution5. Delete the added registry from DealBulldog toolbar: 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Random
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “CertificateRevocation” =Random

Solution6. Reset your browser’s settings. (Take IE as example)
Open IE, and then click Tools options on the tool bar, and choose Internet Options then open an Internet Options box, and in the General option, please reset the homepage to the default homepage.

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The following steps are installation process.
1. After finishing downloading, please search out the download file, and then open the file.

2. Follow the installation prompts shown on the screen to complete the installation.

3. Scan your computer by clicking Scan Now button.

4. Remove all infected files detected by SpyHunter.

In summary:
DealBulldog toolbar is a nasty adware that attack the careless computer users. It will replace the default search engine to track important information from the infected PC. If you search something by your original browsers, this webpage may provide no-relations webpages as results which contain viruses and Trojan. Do not hesitate to remove DealBulldog program from your computer, it is suggested that you should install SpyHunter to help you.
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