Guide to Remove Newsearch123.com from Your Browsers Quickly and Safely

What is Newsearch123.com

Newsearch123.com page looks so simple and tidy, when you try to search with it, it will redirects you to Google search results. Users may not pay attention when such a page is set as their homepage, however they will finally find that this page is not as good as Google and it will caused bad browsing experience by some unpleasant features.

Most users have no idea about how and when did this page come. In fact, Newsearch123.com is related to a browser hijacker which comes to users' computer bundled with third party freeware or malware. For example, when users downloaded a low-quality program and installed it in a hurry, they will always skip the additional options of default settings. Thus, modifications are done to your computer registry data and browsers settings, and Newsearch123.com will replace your default start page and search provider. The hijacker can be also promoted if you had clicked to dubious pop-up ads or opened spam mails. 

Harmful traits of Newsearch123.com

Besides locking your browsers settings, the annoying hijacker will bring you more troubles like these:
  • Redirects to risky sites happen frequently.
  • Ads can be brought as pop-ups and banners on your browsers.
  • Spams and sponsored links are added to the search results.
  • Browsers performance are reduced, they freeze and crash sometimes.
  • More unwanted extensions, toolbars and bookmarks are added without permission.

Suggestions to remove the hijacker in different ways

If you are a skillful user, you can follow the below removal instruction to remove the related threats step by step. If you are inexperienced and want to ensure the removal quick and complete, you can leave it to a professional anti-malware program SpyHunter. In either way, it is suggested to use Spyhunter's free version to have a system scam and know about the security condition of your computer:

Steps to eliminate Newsearch123.com hijacker

(1) Remove its add-ons or extensions from your web browsers

Take IE as an example: Click the menu and find the Add-ons related options. Then you can view the add-ons and extensions, remove the unwanted ones. You should do the same to other browsers.

(2) Reset your browser settings

For Firefox:

Help >> Troubleshooting Information >> Reset Firefox

For Internet Explorer:

Tools >> Internet Options >> Advanced >>Reset

For Chrome :

Setting >> Show advanced setting >> Reset Settings

(3)  Open Registry Editor and remove registry entries.

Start >> input regedit in the search box >> Open regedit.exe >>find the related date and remove them.

Reminder: A professional registry cleaner is necessary if you are not familiar with Registry Editor. In case of unpredictable risk, you can use RegCure Pro to do it for you.

Optional step: Use RegCure Pro to clean up the system trash.

RegCure Pro is designed to remove the registry related trash and fix computer errors. With its help your computer will be boosted.

1. Click the icon below to download RegCure Pro safely.

2. Run the downloaded file to install RegCure Pro step by step. Once finished, run RegCure Pro and it will start to scan your computer.

3. The detected issues will be listed, just click Fix All to deal with them.

Back to the removal part. If the manual removal try do not help, your computer can be threatening by more complicated situation. For the sake of its security you had better use the powerful anti-malware program SpyHunter to remove all the potential risks permanently.

Eliminate all the potential risks in your computer with SpyHunter

Spyhunter is strongly recommended to detect and remove computer risks. You don't have to suffer complicated operations.

(1) Click here to download Spyhunter.

(2) Run the installation to install it step by step.

(3) After finishing the installation, you can click to scan your PC.

(4) When you want to remove the malware threats, you need to click the button “Select all”, and then click the button “Remove” on the bottom right corner.


Hijackers like Newsearch123.com can be and should be prevented. Getting the right tools are the first step to protect your computer.
 Get professional anti-malware program SpyHunter.
 Get helpful registry cleaner RegCure Pro

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