Dangerous Trojan - Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A - How to Remove Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A From Your PC?

Know More about Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A; Protect Your PC Better!

Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A, an annoying Trojan, can download other threats onto your PC. Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A is able to attack Windows operating system platforms using 32 bytes, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Widows 8 because they are particularly short of appropriate PC security safeguard.

Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A, a part of the Win32/Bedep family, aims at gaining remote access on a compromised computer. To achieve its aim, it will make certain changes on the system. It also opens a backdoor by modifying registry and firewall settings for remote hackers to perform vicious actions. It may lead crucial information stored on the computer to be stolen by hackers. It occasionally connects to a remote server using HTTP or FTP ports to upload information gathered from the PC.

Once Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A runs on the computer, it will modify set of files. Furthermore, it will drop additional files that are likely malicious. Registry entries are also created to run the Trojan once Windows starts. Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A normally ends running processes relevant to anti-virus, firewall, and other computer protection program.

How Can Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A Attack the PC?

Generally, malicious code of Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A is embedded on attached file to spam email messages. Once you open it, the malware will runs without getting user's attention. Malicious links from blog site's comment area, social networking sites, and cracked programs are also utilized by malware authors to spread Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A. When you visit a malicious or compromised website, it also can be installed by an exploit.

How Dangerous Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A is!

1. Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A connects your computer to a remote server and helps hackers take control of your PC, and leads private information stored on the computer into being stolen by remote hackers.
2. It may be bundled with other kinds of computer threats like malware, and replicate, spread malicious at a high speed.
3. It runs in the background automatically whenever you load the system.
4. It slows the computer down greatly and lowers the resistance of computer threats.
5. It modifies system components out of permission and creates lots of high resource-consuming files.
6. It turns the computer sluggish and vulnerable and may badly even ruin the system with any removal delay.

Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A Removal:

Recently, Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A interferes with computer user’s regular routine by forcibly carrying out a series of invasive activities on the infected PC.
Due to its malicious attributes, Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A has been considered as a high-risk virus that should be eliminated in time to avoid unexpected damage or loss.

Remove Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A Manually

Step1: Turn the PC on and press the key F8 on the keyboard repeatedly as soon as you see anything on the screen until the screen. That is to say, when you enter Windows’ Safe Mode, please choose the option “Safe Mode with Networking”. Then hit Enter on the keyboard. System will be loading files into this mode afterward.

Step2:  End all the malicious running processes
Press Alt+Ctrl+Del keys at the same time to open task manager. And then, type "taskmgr" into the search blank and press OK.

Stop all the running processes related to Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A. 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run "<random>" = "%AppData %\< random>.exe"


Step3: Disable any suspicious startup items ran by Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A.

Windows XP:
1.    Click Start menu;
2.    Click Run;
3.    Type "msconfig" in the Run box;
4.    Click Ok to open the System Configuration Utility;
5.    Disable all possible startup items generated.

Windows Vista or Windows7:
1.    Click start menu;
2.     Type "msconfig" in the search blank;
3.    Open System Configuration Utility;
4.     Disable all possible startup items generated.

Step4:  Show and clean all hidden files related to Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A

1. Click the Start button and choose Control Panel;
2. Click Appearance and Personalization;
3. Find Folder Options then double-click on it.
4. In the pop-up dialog box, click the View tab and uncheck Hide protected operating system files.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Image File Execution Options\MpCmdRun.exe

Step5:  Remove all the malicious registry entries
Click the Start button and choosing Run option, then typing into "Regedit"and pressing OK.

Remove Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A Automatically by SpyHunter

As we all know, Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A is a Trojan that attacks your computer and then leads your computer to potential computer security threats. Therefore, it is important that you remove Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A as soon as possible. A trojan often becomes tools in big malware distribution schemes, and you should never allow your computer to be attacked by dangerous cyber. However, the removal of a Trojan is a awfully complicated than removing an adware. Therefore, it is recommended that the computer user can use a good anti-malware tool to help you to uninstall Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A entirely and for good.
To avoid potential risk and to ensure your computer security, you are suggested to use SpyHunter’s Spyware Scanner to optimize your system.

First, you can run a free scan for malware detection.


Second,  download SpyHunter’s malware removal tool to remove the malware threats. Please follow these steps to install SpyHunter.

Step1: Click the yellow icon “Download”. When you click the button, you can see the next step as following step2.


Step2: When you click the button in the step1, you should click the button “Run” in step2.

Step3: Please click the button “OK” and you will enter the next step – step4.

Step4: When you finish the step3, please click the button “CONTINUE” in step4.

Step5: Please choose the option “I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy”, then click the button “INSTALL” and you will enter next step – step6 as following.

Step6:  When you click the button “INSTALL” in step5, you will see a pop-up window as step6 shows. Please wait for several minutes in this step.

Step7: The software sets up successfully as you see in step7, and then please click the button “EXIT”.

Step8:  When the step7 finished, a pop-up window will be shown as this step. And you can click the button “Start New Scan”.

Step9:  When you finish the step8, you will see the SpyHunter is scanning and detecting your computer as step9 shows below.

Step10: When you want to remove the malware threats, you need to click the button “Select all”, and then click the button “Remove” on the bottom right corner

Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A, a very aggressive Trojan, can attack your computer completely which will prevent your surfing online smoothly and affect your personal information safety. So, you have to remove Backdoor: Win64/Bedep.A with a powerful removal tool here.

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