Your Computer is Entangled With Bogus Helpline 866-538-2493?

Victim: “I am running Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 Home Premium on my laptop. I was on a website this afternoon when I received pop-up with a voice command stating that malicious spyware had been placed on my computer and urged me to call Microsoft at 866-538-2493 to receive instructions on how to remove the spyware. Is this a legitimate Microsoft phone number? If not, how might have detect and remove the spyware?”

Have you ever encountered such issue? It is a case that a victim’s computer was entangled with a bogus helpline scam. Nowadays, the more and more rampant computer threats might be the “online tech support scam”. More and more cyber criminals are using the phone call to try to break into your computer. They call, claiming to be computer techs associated with well-known companies like Microsoft. They say that they've detected viruses or other malware on your computer to trick you into giving them remote access or paying for software you don’t need.

These scammers take advantage of your reasonable concerns about viruses and other threats. They know that computer users have heard time and again that it’s important to install security software. But the purpose behind their elaborate scheme isn't to protect your computer; it’s to make money.

There is a a bogus helpline scam - 866-538-2493, which is active now and also has cheat lots of computer users. You can know more from the screenshot similar to 866-538-2493 pop-up:

Some of you may wonder how and when 866-538-2493 pop-up gets into your computer without your knowledge. In general, it may be bundled with other free programs and then installed along with them without needing your approval. Besides, you may get this 866-538-2493 pop-up simply as a result of you clicking on certain malicious link from unsafe source, opening spam email attachments, visiting corrupted/hacked websites, etc.

In fact, 866-538-2493 is not a genuine Microsoft phone number. It is merely used by scammers to promote fake tech support services and useless antivirus software. Hence, the 866-538-2493 pop-up is a malicious scam. Do not fall for the trick!

If your computer is unfortunately infected, it may corrupt your computer and then unauthorized modifications will be made on the browser settings, causing pop-up ads, redirects, homepage hijacking, and other unsolicited actions. You will be bothered with a unstoppable pop-up with a voice command stating that malicious spyware had been placed on your computer and urged you to call Microsoft at 866-538-2493 to receive instructions on how to remove the spyware. Please do ignore the so-called Microsoft alert or do not attempt to call 866-538-2493 for help. Otherwise, the malicious scammers will answer the phone and confirm you with not just few but enormous viruses you had. Be warned that it is just one of their strategies so you will pay for whatever amount they asked. If you fall into the trap, you may not only lose money, but also your confidential data such as credit card number, passwords or any other identifiable data for bad purposes.

Therefore, 866-538-2493 pop-up is really a tricky bogus helpline fraud. You should never be cheated. If your computer get infected accidentally, please take action immediately to get rid of it as soon as possible. This effective removal instruction will help you a lot.

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