Helpful Tips to Deal with DNS-Locker Ads - Remove Adware Easily from Your IE/ Chrome / Firefox

Introduction to DNS-Locker

If you see "Ads by DNS-Locker" frequently on your IE, Chrome and Firefox, you probably get the same-name adware in your computer. 
DNS-Locker usually comes bundled with third-party freeware. It can be hidden in the installations of some software as an additional tool. For example, during the steps of installing a freeware, there could be one step to ask for your permission of adding an extra tool like DNS-Locker, careless users will blindly click on every "Next" and then they get this plugin inadvertently.
Once DNS-Lock enters your computer, it begins to deliver different kinds of ads to bother you. When you try to visit shopping sites like Amazon, you will see banners and pop-ups with labels of DNS-Locker. The ads can be promoting some irrelevant products and services, they will affect your browsing experience instead of helping you.These unwanted information may also slow down your browsers badly because it keeps working in the background all the time.
You should remove the supporting adware to get a better computer using experience.

Manually remove DNS-Locker step by step

Step1. Remove related plugins from your Chrome, Firefox and IE.

For Google Chrome:
Open Google Chrome >>  Customize and control Google Chrome icon >> More tools >> click on Extensions >> Remove the related extensions

For Mozilla Firefox:
Open menu >> Add-ons >> Extensions and Plugins>>Remove the related extensions

For Internet Explorer:
Tools>> Manager Add-on >> Toolbars and Extensions >> Disable the related add-ons

Step2. Remove related unnecessary programs Control Panel

Click Start button, open Control Panel to choose Programs and Feature, then find the unwanted programs in the list, right click to uninstall them.

Step3. Open Registry Editor and remove registry entries
Start >> input regedit in the search box >>open  Registry Editor >>find the related date and remove them.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "<random>" = "%AppData%\<random>.exe"
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "<random>" = "%AppData%\<random>.exe"
Notice: To prevent unpredictable errors, skip this step if you are not familiar with Registry Editor. Use professional tools instead:
Using RegCure Pro to fix the Registry 

1. Click the icon below to download the RegCure Pro.


2. Run the file to install this program easily.

3. Once the installing is completed, run RegCure Pro and it will start to scan your computer.

4.  It shows a list of problems which are needed to be fixed. Click to Fix All.

Automatically remove DNS-Locker with Spyhunter

Spyhunter is user-friendly AV program. With its help you can solve DNS-Locker problems without complicated operating.

Step1.Click here to download Spyhunter.

Step2. Install this program just like common ones.

Step3. Start a new scan.

Step4. Scan results will be showed and you can easily remove them all.

Note: DNS-Locker is stubborn. It is necessary to deal with it using helpful tools.
Spyhunter and RegCure Pro are highly recommended to remove risks of your computer and optimize the registry entries. With their help you will have a better computer performance.

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