Trojan-Dropper.Win32.FrauDrop.ahoyj Removal Instruction - Get Rid of Trojan Horse Completely

About Trojan-Dropper.Win32.FrauDrop.ahoyj

Trojan-Dropper.Win32.FrauDrop.ahoyj is a dangerous trojan horse that users should watch out for it. It will bring malware to targeted systems and make unpredictable damages.

Like the majority of trojan horse, Trojan-Dropper.Win32.FrauDrop.ahoyj sneaks into your computer secretly. It can be hidden in the installation of freeware, or spread via spam mails. Once it enters your PC, it will begin to spy on the data immediately. Your personal information like social media passwords or even your banking account information will be known by cyber criminals. Your computer have no secrets for the skillful hackers. What's more, you will notice that more and more unwanted programs are installed in your PC without your permission, they are all malware which can mess up your system. You will have to suffer poor computer performance besides the privacy issues.

Symptoms of Trojan-Dropper.Win32.FrauDrop.ahoyj

This Trojan horse is tricky that you should notice some common symptoms to deal with it in time.

  • Strange shortcuts are added on the Desktop.
  • Computer performance becomes poor that you can hardly work with it.
  • Programs run  abnormally. Lock-ups, reboots and blue screens happen frequently.
  • Your passwords are modified without your knowledge.

Tips to protect your PC from such trojans

  •  Install anti-virus program and optimizer.
  • Don’t open dubious links and attachments from spam Emails.
  • Avoid downloading freeware from dubious sites. Visit official sites instead.
  • Before using USB flash disks, ensure its security with AV programs.
  • When installing programs, be careful to what you agree.

Removal Methods

Method 1:Remove it yourself following the steps.

Method 2:Automatically remove it with Spyhunter. (Recommended )

Method 1:Remove it yourself following the steps

(1) Get into the Safe Mode with Networking. 

Reboot your computer. As the computer is booting but before Windows launches, tap the F8 key continuously which should bring up the Windows Advanced Options Menu as shown below. Use your arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networking option and press Enter key.

(2) Stop the dubious running process

Right click on the taskbar and select Start Task Manager (or press Ctrl+Shift+Esc), click Process tab, find and click on the related running process, and click End Process.

(3) Reset Folder Options to find the hidden files.

Start >> Control Panel>> Tools >> Folder options >> view >> Show hidden files, folders, and drives >>OK

(4)  Open Registry Editor and remove registry entries.

Start >> input regedit in the search box >>open  Registry Editor >>find the related date and remove them.

Attention: Removing registry entries mistakenly will lead to system crash. 
You had better leave it to professional tools.

(5) Uninstall unwanted program from Control Panel

Start>> Control Panel >> Programs >> Programs and Features >> Find out the unwanted programs and Uninstall it.

(6) Using RegCure Pro to Optimize your system after manual removal

1. Click the icon below to download the RegCure Pro.

2. Click the button Run.

3. Click the button Accept and Install. And RegCure Pro will be installed successfully on your desktop. Then, open the RegCure Pro and it will start to scan your computer.

4. Click the button Fix All to optimize your PC.

Method 2:Automatically remove it with Spyhunter.

Spyhunter is strongly recommended to detect and remove computer risks. You don't have to suffer complicated operations.

(2) Run the installation to install it step by step.

(3) After finishing the installation, you can click to scan your PC.

(4) When you want to remove the malware threats, you need to click the button “Select all”, and then click the button “Remove” on the bottom right corner.


Trojan-Dropper.Win32.FrauDrop.ahoyj is tricky, it’s difficult for inexperienced users to make a suitable judgement about the computer’s symptoms.
You can rely on excellent program like Spyhunter, it will help you to stopping potential risks. Spyhunter is a good helper that your will no longer suffer adware and malware. 
And to get rid of poor computer performance, you should have RegCure Pro, it helps to optimize your PC easily.

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