How to Uninstall Shop at Home (shopathome.com) Toolbar from IE/Chrome/Firefox

Pesky and Stupid Shop at Home (shopathome.com) Toolbar

“I must have done something that put this shopathome.com stupid toolbar on my Firefox at the top. It goes all the way across and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I tried finding it under uninstall programs but it doesn't show up there. Help.”

Have you experienced the same problem with the case shown above? If you cannot uninstall Shop at Home toolbar by you, read the following steps.

Shopathome.com or Shop at Home is a website that provides free coupons and best savings on the Web after installing Shopathome toolbar. It also claims “ShopAtHome.com has coupons and cash back! And it states it will help you saving money and time if you are found of doing shopping online.

But Shop at Home is very irritating that if you are browsing the web. Irrelevant discount coupons and printable coupons from this website pop up from time to time. You have to input information like email address and password if you want to get the discount coupons. Each time you visit a webpage, shopathome.com toolbar appears frequently. It is quite annoying that you also are redirected to shopathome.com this site or other malware sites. For above mentioned details, we also can regard Shopathome.com as a type of adware that can cause some sorts changes of the settings of system.

As long as Shop at Home installed on the computer, it will create some add-ons, browser extensions, plug-ins or Shop at Home toolbar onto the internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Shopathome.com toolbar can be installed on the target computer while you are visiting to compromised web site or open a spam email with malicious attachment. But the average reason in acquiring this adware is through installing free or shareware download. To keep your computer safe, please remove Shopathome.com toolbar as soon as possible.

The screenshot of Shop at Home toolbar

Irreversible Harms of Shop at Home (shopathome.com) Toolbar

1 the settings of the browsers have changed in the backstage that it brings many irritating redirects to shopathome.com or other malware sites.
2 it creates lots of unknown add-ons like Shop at Home toolbar and shortcuts and icons on the desktop, and a strange background page.
3, it can attack all versions of operating system such as Windows 7, 8 and browsers like IE, Firefox, or Google Chrome.
4, it will trail your browsing habits and history and record the important information like credit card detail, bank account information.
5, abnormal shutting down and restarting of PC can be seen.
6, task manager reports excessive CPU usage and PC performance slow down without reason.


How to Get Rid of Shop at Home (shopathome.com) Toolbar

<Manual Fixit – manual removal shopathome.com

Step 1, Go to control panel, and then search shopathome.com program and related programs with shopathome.com and then delete all of them.

Go to Control Panel -> Add and Remove programs list and uninstalling it from there.

Step 2, Follow such steps to open task manager and end the malicious processes related with shopathome.com

1) Please press Ctrl+Alt+Delete key together to get the task manager box,
2) Tick the malicious processes.
3) Tap the End process button.

Step 3, remove all add-ons on the affected browsers.

For Firefox, click "Tools" menu and then "Add-ons." Go to "Extensions" tab, scroll down to "ShopAtHome Toolbar," and click "Uninstall." Then, click "Yes" to confirm.

Step 4, Disable any suspicious startup items.

For Windows XP:

Step: Click Start menu -> click Run -> type: msconfig in the search bar -> open System Configuration Utility -> Disable all possible startup items including those of Shop at Home.

Automatic Fixit – automatic shopathome.com with SpyHunter

1. You can download SpyHunter from the below icon:


2. When SpyHunter has finished downloading, please double-click on the AdwCleaner.exe icon that now appears on your desktop. If Windows prompts you as to whether or not you wish to run SpyHunter, please allow it to run.

3. Now click on the Scan button in SpyHunter to scan you PC for infections.

4. Remove all the listed malware.

Notification: Shop at Home is a very annoying adware that sneaks into the target computer without user’s consent. It may show many annoying pop-up ads and deals when surfing online. Shop at Home claims it will help you get the best deals when you are shopping online, but it will show pop-ups that takeover of the screen. If you have discovered shopathome.com toolbar installed on your system, you should try to uninstall shopathome.com from your infected browser before it does terrible things.

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