Guide to Eliminate Browser Redirects to amisites.com

Overview of amisites.com


Also regarded as: amisites.com browser hijacker
Type: Browser Hijacker
Alert level: Severe

Research shows that all fake Internet search engines trick users into thinking that they're legitimate and letting it run in PC by falsely claiming to enhance users' web browsing experience websites. In fact, amisites.com is a browser hijacker bundled with other free software that you download from the Internet without your knowledge.

Once this browser hijacker is installed, victims easily become frustrated as when they remove the shortcuts from their browser links, they are mysteriously added back. This is because the amisites.com program utilizes a Windows service that hijacks the shortcuts again when it detects if the shortcuts have been cleaned.

Reasons for Urgent amisites.com Removal


  • Rogue installers modify Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers' new tab URL, homepage and default search engine options by assigning them to amisites.com. The continuous failure in reaching wanted website, the annoying suspicious websites, and a succession of pop-up ads and banners result in an uncomfortable searching experience.
  • Searching fake search engine means that you are risking causing further computer infections. Being a browser hijacker, it is capable of causing redirect to cooperated web pages. More malware that contribute to serious damage of computer system will be brought dues to the belated removal.
  • Your personal information may be in high risk, amisites.com will cause your financial loss if you do not surf cautiously. This malicious program will monitor your activities and capture browser histories to collect your banking and e-mail authentication details and other personal information.


Taking your safe and smooth surfing experience into account, we strongly recommend the following guide to completely remove amisites.com. 


Effective Method to Remove amisites.com (automatically remove with SpyHunter)


Step 1: Please follow the steps to install SpyHunter!

Step 2: Run its exe file to install the program according to the instruction.


Step 3: Launch SpyHunter and click “Scan Computer Now!”to start a full system scan.


The scanning process lasts s few minutes, please be patient. When the scan is done, all the threats in your PC are detected.

Step 4: Choose “Select All” and then click “Remove” to finish all the threats removal.


(Note: SpyHunter is only free for malware detection, the full version of SpyHunter is strongly recommended for better and overall PC protection)



To avoid similar hijacks, such as amisites.com. Here are two tips for you to better enjoy a wonderful surfing experience.


 1.Pay attention to the fine print

Read the fine print carefully before you install any software downloaded from the Internet and opt out of bundled extras (if allowed) because some browser hijacking software may be bundled with legitimate software.


2.Install an Antivirus Software with real-time protection feature

RegCure Pro offers a real-time protection feature that watches for attempts to change key configuration files, such as those associated with your browser. The software may alert you if something you're installing attempts to modify your browser settings. It may also offer you the opportunity to prevent the changing of these settings.


Key features of RegCure Pro:

  1. Cleans away Windows registry errors
  2. Ejects active viruses, spyware and other malware
  3. Stops unneeded processes and startup items
  4. Deletes privacy files that could contain confidential info
  5. Find software to open files
  6. And much more! 
Step 1: Please follow the steps to install RegCure Pro.Click the button below to download.


Step 2: Run its exe file to install the program according to the instruction.


Step 3: Double click on its desktop shortcut to open it. On the Overview tab, check all the scan settings and then click on the “Click to Start Scan” button to run a system scan on your computer.

 The first system scan will last few minutes, please be patient.

Step 4: When the system scan is done, click on the “Fix All” button.

(Note: The free version of RegCure Pro is only for malware detection. To remove the malware threats and junk files from your PC, you will need to purchase its full version)


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