Effective Guide to Remove Windows Defence Unit (Rogue Program)

What is Windows Defence Unit? Is it genuine (legit) or fake?

Windows Defence Unit shows many pop-up messages about your computer situation? You don’t know they are trustful or fake? You cannot launch your antivirus tools any more since Windows Defence Unit installed on your computer? If you want to uninstall Windows Defence Unit from your system, but you have no idea with it, read more here.
Windows Defence Unit usually known as a rogue Microsoft Windows Anti-Spyware or Antivirus program. Once it gets on the target computer, it will start a scan with your system after you open your computer. And then this program can display some sorts of fraudulent scan results which inform you that a numerical amount of errors or issues, and various infections like Trojan, worm, malware, and adware have been detected on your system. Windows Defence Unit suggests you clearing up all infections and errors which have found on your computer. Before allowing you to fix all the problems on your system, you are asked to purchase or activate the full version of Windows Defence Unit. Please don’t believe any of those scan results, for this program is fake antivirus tool that is created by cyber hoax who want to scare users into scam of making you think that your computer has been infected with dangerous threats.

Not to be surprised that, Windows DefenceUnit can terminate legitimate programs used to remove it and block access to legitimate and helpful websites. In some cases, some legitimate program has been blocked from accessing the internet, and even you want to get accessed the desktop normally, you are blocked in this way. What is more, Windows Defence Unit this rouge can introduce a ton of unknown infections download on your computer. And you money paid for activating this program will never get back. You also be aware that your personal date like browsing activities, in-put information may be hacked by hackers who want to use on the marketing purpose.

Here are some scan results from Windows Defence Unit

Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet

C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

is suspected to have infected your PC.

This type of virus intercepts entered data and transmits them

to a remote server.


Trojan activity detected. System integrity at risk.

Full system scan is highly recommended.


System data security is at risk!

To prevent potential PC errors, run a full system scan.

Troubles That Windows Defence Unit Can Bring to Your Computer

1, this rouge can spread via many different channels including torrent sites, software piracy sites and other similar illegal websites.
2, it scans your computer forcefully and show infections which are actually non-existent.
3, you are scared by a bunch of pop up alerts and asked to buy a full version of Antivirus Security Pro.
4, it can redirect your browser to fake warning sites and display warnings.
5, you cannot launch some certain applications.
6, this program displays traditional pop-up warnings.
7, it scares you into thinking your computer are infected.

Fst and Effective Way to Eliminate Windows Defence Unit From Your Computer

Removal tip 1: How to remove Windows Defence Unit manually

Step 1: Before performing the manual removal of Windows Defence Unit, reboot your computer into "safe mode with networking" by constantly tapping F8 key before Windows is launched.

Step 2: The processes belonging to Windows Defence Unit added to your Task Manager and needed to stop:

Step 3: You will need to remove the following associated registry entries to Windows Defence Unit:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\webbrowser
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Download “CheckExeSignatures” = ‘no’
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main “Use FormSuggest” = ‘yes’

Step 4: The files created by Windows Defence Unit are required to be deleted in your Local Disk which store your operating system information:
%Profile%\Local Settings\Temp\

Step 5: Restart your computer back to the normal mode, and then check the effective result.

Removal tip 2: Remove Windows Defence Unit  with SpyHunter

Spyhunter is one of few choices to clean PC that is infected with aggressive parasites. It can be used as additional tool to disable malware temporarily, or as main remover. In any way, it is a valuable tool in battle against malware.

Step 2. Double-click the download file and follow the prompts to install the program.


Step 3. After the installation has been successfully completed, SpyHunter will download the latest definitions from Enigma Software Group servers.

Step 4. SpyHunter will start scanning your system automatically right after the installation has been completed successfully.
Step 5. Remove all malware or infected files have been detected by SpyHunter.

Summary: Windows Defence Unit is a fake antivirus application that can start to make a full scan of your computer forcefully and show a lot of infections which are actually non-existent on your system. It just used its inbuilt programming to show some random infections to scare you and cheat you to buy full version of Windows Defence Unit. Please note that such Rogue programs are capable of creating several copies on your hard disk. It is likely that malware is still hiding somewhere in your computer and it can come back at anytime. We suggest that install SpyHunter help you uninstall Windows Defence Unit from your PC completely.

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