How to Remove search.qone8.com Browser Hijacker, start.qone8.com Redirect Virus Uninstalled Guide

There is an example that has been attacked by search.qone8.com

“Every time I open up my Firefox, I got this search.qone8.com rather than my default Google search page. What’s going on? My web search also has been changed. I need experts help and if anyone who suffered the same thing with me and got out of the trouble eventually, please tell me to get rid of start.qone8.com.”

It is hard to make a judgment on Search.qone8.com that only seen from one case from computer user. Most of people may show skepticism on this program, and have no idea about it. In needed, you must know more knowledge about start.qone8.com. Generally, you want to know the definition, feature, and danger of this program, and find an effective way to remove it afterwards. You can download the reliable Antivirus program Spyhunter here

What Damages will Generate Along with start.qone8.com Browser Hijacker?

It is no doubt that, this program can cause a bunch of computer issues which totally affect the using of the system and destroy it completely. Here are some dangers listing;

1)   Search.qone8.com works as a browser hijacker, and it starts to hijack your previous or favorite homepage and replace it with without your permission.

2)   You default search also can be taken place with start.qone8.com Search while you open up your internet browser.

3)   It can affect all kinds of internet browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, or IE. Even if you change other browser, you can suffer the same problems.

4)   A host of popup commercial ads or links display on browsers and web pages when you surfing online.

5)   This program can infuse into the target computer via several means like being bundled with freeware or shareware, infecting with downloads sites, or pornography web, attaching with spam email attachments.

6)    It will slow system response and cause unexpected PC shutdown, data corruption or data loss issues, and also slow down the Internet speed.

7)   This program can help the cyber criminals connect your system remotely, so that they can easily track all your activity which you perform online as well as also steal your private details such as user name, password, credit card number, bank account details.

Synopsis of Search.qone8.com (start.qone8.com)

By and large, start.qone8.com is a hijacker browser that can take over users’ default search page or homepage and change the web search into Search.qone8.com automatically. When users launch their browsers, the mentioned things can be seen. This program can modify the settings of browsers such as homepage and search engine in the dark place and it don’t need your agreements to do anything on your computer. So it can create new files and registry freely, and add many additional and unwanted shortcuts, icons, toolbar, browser extensions, or plug-ins onto your system. In this case, you may find your computer work strange and sometimes it seems not to run well as before. Apart from that, you will get a flooded popup commercial ads or links while browsing the web. It exploits advertisements and sponsored links together with search results for commercial reasons. What is worse, when you start up your system, you always have feeling someone are controlling your mouse in remotely, and you cannot touch any key to do your work on computer. Yes, this program often is used by hackers who want to put your infected system on the right before their eyes for they can do anything like scan your system information or steal your privacy data whenever and wherever possible. Please don’t hesitate, and just uninstall Search.qone8.com redirect virus from your computer.

The Image of Search.qone8.com

Here is manual method for start.qone8.com removal: 

1, Stop all the running processes about start.qone8.com (please hold the Ctrl + Alt + Delete key together)

2, Reset your browser’s settings (take Google as an example)

Click on the icon ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’, select ‘Options’.

Choose ‘Basic’ Options and change Google Chrome homepage to google.com or any other browser and then click the ‘Manage search engines…’ button.

Choose ‘Google’ and make it your default search engine.

3, Remove this program from your computer.

For Windows XP: Click “Start“>”Control Panel“>”Add or Remove Programs“>”Programs and Features“>Look for start.qone8.com and other unknown programs, select them and click Remove one by one.

For Windows 7/Vista: Click “Start” (“Windows Logo”)>”Control Panel“>”Uninstall a program“(under Program)>look for start.qone8.com and other unknown programs, select them and click Uninstall/Change one by one.

For Windows 8: Right-click on the screen’s bottom-left corner> “Control Panel” >”Uninstall a program“(under Program)> Look for start.qone8.com and other unknown programs, select them and click Uninstall/Change one by one.

4, Delete associated registry settings:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\internetexplorer\toolbar\start.qone8.com HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “.exe”

5, Get rid of  infected files:

%Profile%\Local Settings\Temp\



Permanently Remove search.qone8.com With Powerful SpyHunter Anti-Spyware Protection 

1. Download SpyHunter Free Scanner here.


2. Double-click on Setup file to start the installation process.

3. Follow the prompts listed on the screen to finish the installation process.


4. To perform a system scan, please click on the Scan Now button.

5. Remove all the listed malware.

Recommended tips: Search.qone8.com is a very baleful hijack browser, and changes your original browsers settings and pop up ads on the searching sites. Please be careful when you try to install or download some programs, and please unclick some steps which you aren’t familiar with. If have taken mistake to install start.qone8.com on your computer, please try to uninstall it from your system as soon as possible. For this infection can run into the system without your permission, and then revise your system quietly. If you don’t know how to remove Search.qone8.com download the most popular antivirus program here to help you.

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